Apple Podcasts Subscriptions now Available Worldwide

Apple announced that Apple Podcast Subscriptions and channels are now available worldwide, featuring a huge collection of new shows, channels and groups of podcasts.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions offer podcasters and content creators an opportunity to receive support from their work via monthly subscriptions from their avid listeners and fans.

The new service was first announced during Apple’s April event and they planned to launch it soon afterwards. The tech giant actually decided to delay its public release to make sure that the “best experience” will be given. This time, fans and listeners can subscribe to a monthly subscription for all their favorite shows, and by doing so, they will enjoy an ad-free listening experience with bonus content.

When someone buys a subscription to a show, they follow the show automatically, and the page is updated with a Subscriber Edition label so it’s made clear that they have access to the premium experience. The more a listener subscribes to other channels, the Listen Now tab expands with new rows for easy access to all subscription content. A “My Channels” row in the Listen Now tab will appear for those who subscribe to two or more channels.

It is good to note that creators only receive 70% of the subscriptions that users pay, as all subscriptions made through the platform are subject under the 30% commission rule by Apple. Also, if users subscribe to a podcast but want to use a third party podcast client, the benefits accompanying the purchase will not be available.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions also include the ability for podcast creators and users to create Channels, which are a bunch of different shows on a single page.

Image: Apple Newsroom

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