Apple Watch Series 7 Available in Limited Quantities on September Launch

Even if the Apple Watch Series 7 has been apparently facing production issues, the tech giant still plans to announce the latest edition of the smartwatch alongside the iPhone 13 on their upcoming September event.

The problem is that the device will only be available in limited quantities upon launch, according to a Power On newsletter by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

In the newsletter, Gurman outlined three possible outcomes of Apple’s production dilemmas:

  • The company delays its Apple Watch announcement until the production issues are solved
  • It goes right ahead with the announcement but the Watch Series 7 will end up available in limited supply, or
  • They proceed with the announcement but the watch will be made available at a later date

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be announced along with the iPhone this month, but Gurman said some models will ship out later than usual or in limited quantities.

“But if you can’t wait to get the new watch, you may have to. My colleague Debby Wu and I reported that the new display is causing production headaches. When that happens with a new product, there are typically three outcomes: The announcement is delayed until the issues are fixed, the product launches on time in small quantities, or the device is announced on time but goes on sale later. I’m led to believe that we’ll see an announcement during the usual September event alongside the iPhone, but there will be a mix of the models shipping late or in small quantities.”

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to have a more dramatic design update that will make it noticeably distinctive from earlier Apple Watch models. Its new size options are 41 and 45mm (a tad bigger from the previous 40 and 44mm), it will sport a flat-edged design similar to the iPhone 12, and will feature updated screen technology. Don’t expect health sensor features yet on this one, but the new watch model may most likely have an improved battery life and a faster processor.

Based on the patterns of past Apple Event dates, the possible announcement date for the Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13 event is Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

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  1. Yes! that’s a big announcement because of covid chip shortage is huge, and the price of electronic devices is increasing at rocket speed. Hope all these come to an end soon.


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