Apple Watch Series 7 to Hit Stores mid-October, says Jon Prosser

Apple shall be shipping the Apple Watch Series 7 come mid-October, according to a recent report.

Jon Prosser is an avid Apple leaker with sources throughout the supply chain and company, and he has a mixed track record in things related to Apple leaks and announcements. Recently he shared that the tech giant could accept pre-orders starting as early as “next week” with the first batches set to ship mid-October.

First announced during the Apple Event last month, Apple unusually decided not to announce a release date for the device that time, instead saying it would be available later this fall.

Despite the fact that no one really knows the exact date when the Apple Watch Series 7 will become available to buy, it is interesting to point out that the Apple Watch Series 6 is actually sold out in some retailers and on the Apple site itself for a couple of weeks now, thereby implying that there is possibly a high demand ahead of the latest model’s launch.

Speculations suggest that the Apple Watch Series 7 got delayed due to manufacturing issues caused by the complexity of the changes done on this year’s unit. This resulted to the mass production schedule being pushed back by a few weeks, which means that the Apple Watch Series 7 may arrive later than expected.

In early September, the issues on the Apple Watch Series 7 production have been resolved, but it could still take around a few weeks to a few months for the manufacturing team to eventually catch up.

Prosser revealed that Apple has started informing the press about reviewing Apple Watch Series 7 units and told them they would receive more detailed information in the upcoming weeks.

Claimed by the tech giant as the most durable Apple Watch they’ve ever built, the Apple Watch Series 7 comes in five all-new aluminum colors (Red, Blue, Green, Starlight and Midnight) and will soon be available at a starting price of $399 in the United States.

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