WhatsApp revamped its voice messages design

WhatsApp has become a must-have application for communication. It is widely used all over the world; consequently, its popularity has been quite consistent. The Facebook-Owned messaging platform has been releasing a slew of features lately; nevertheless, no major changes have been made to its interface which looks a bit outdated.

It is worth mentioning that the IM app is making little tweaks to keep things fresh, like new background theming options. Voice messages will be tweaked next, according to WABetaInfo.

Revamped Voice Messages Design

The new appearance was briefly enabled in the newest WhatsApp beta, version v2.21.13.17, however, it appears that the company has already disabled it via a server-side upgrade. Nonetheless, screenshots on the web show us what to expect. Similar to Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage, the familiar scrubbing bar gives place to a waveform design that may help you discover the key parts of a message more easily.

However, according to a reader, the waveforms currently make it hard to go backward and forth, forcing you to sit through the entire recording every time. That could be why WhatsApp decided to remove the look for the time being.

Another imminent UI change in an upcoming, yet-to-be-released version of Whatsapp has been found, according to reliable sources. When you send a voice message, you’ll receive a preview of the waveform as you talk, which might reassure you that your microphone is successfully recording your words. This is a great addition, as WhatsApp currently lacks a visual indicator of how loudly your phone’s microphone is taking up your voice. While we only have images of the iOS version, WABetaInfo claims that an Android version is in the works.

Summing Up

As aforementioned, WhatsApp has turned off the new appearance for the time being, but if you want to be the first to know about future changes, keep an eye out for new beta builds. The improvements are now being rolled out to all Android WhatsApp beta users. Users can listen to a voice message before sending it by hitting the stop button in the center of the interface, in addition to viewing the waveform image.

This is just one of the numerous updates that WhatsApp has recently rolled out. The new functionalities will make SMS Share between users much easier. These features will also aid WhatsApp in retaining users. 

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