5 Best Contact Backup Apps for Android and iPhone

Our phone has become the incipient room of ours, and the bricks of it are laid by the people connected with it. Ranging from family members to probably an acquaintance whom we met on the train, many of us have the never-ending contact list without which our existence seems hazed. But what transpires if these rooms shatter into pieces? What if the data got compromised or your minute world is purloined. One could marginally imagine the dreadful situation if the backup of the problem is not kenned. Fortuitously some apps can preserve us from the situation, and one can retrieve the long preserved recollection list not on our device but any device. Click here to learn more about how to transfer apps from android to i-phone.

Android uses have an in-built backup system, or one could retrieve information through the cloud. The same goes for the I-phone users who have the apple backup system. But these provide constrained functions, and for multi-functional use, there are specially designed apps in our list. These savior backup apps are for both android and i-phone.

The first backup app is ‘The Easy Backup’ apps, which sanctions both online and offline backup. It can export contacts as the affixment with the mail and WhatsApp, Gmail, Google Drive, SMS, Dropbox, Skype, and Telegram. The app’s major feature is its utilizer cordial interface, which allows all backups to be automatically preserved in the SD Card for future use. With its fantastic range of functionality, it bags 4.6 stars in the play store. The cons, as noted by the users, are the inability of the revision to recuperate bookmarks.

The next down the list is ‘G cloud backup.’ It’s a gratuitous app with 7 GB of data. The facility to migrate to different devices avails to preserve tonnes of storage in the device. One of the astonishing features is the competency to organize recollections in the timeline. It is more facile to find a call recording preserved one month back or a photo taken yesterday. An app for preserving contacts, but withal messages, photos, videos, and files is secured in its cloud. The app is incredibly simple to utilize, with a very simple user interface. The app’s major perk is that one could transfer photos and contacts messages from android to an i-phone. Its bags the rating of 4.5 and the major issue faced in transferring contacts due to recent updates.

The third position goes to ‘MC Backup,’ which is an excellent backup app, and contacts can be renovated just with the phone. They can be facilely transferred in the form of attachments via mail. One can have the periodic backup after setting the reminder. A few of the disadvantages include that, sometimes, email providers block affixments if annexation size is too astronomically immense while mailing the backup file. Other times, it shows an error in opening the VCF backup file with any other contact program. With its diverse functioning and expeditious speed, it gets 4.5 stars in the play store.

The fourth application on our list is ‘Super Backup and Recuperate.’ As the name suggests, the backup is super expeditious but parallelly super confounding because of its many options. It can backup Apps, Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Calendars to your SD card but not photos and videos. Moreover, it requires many sanctions to access personal information. Overall it acquired 4.2 stars from the users.

Finally, ‘My contacts’ is the app that allows to store contacts either on the cloud or to transfer them through the mail. It is available in the older models of android handsets. The process is completely secure, and the information is not compromised in the process. One of the major perks is that there is no advertisement or perturbance while accessing the application. It’s an only con is its inhibited functions as it is just used to preserve only contacts while the applications mentioned above were multi-functional. It got four stars in the play store.

The five applications mentioned above are available in both the apple store and play store. The first four apps are compatible with the transfer from android to i-phone and vice-versa. The apps are fully secured and have bagged excellent reviews from the users. These apps preserve the contacts and withal photos, videos, and much more and sanctions it to transfer it from one contrivance to another. 

It not only preserves us from the hard work to recuperate all the contacts from different sources but withal preserve humongous duration, which had been otherwise lost in the unproductive work. Moreover, it is additionally infeasible to instaurate specific contacts. It can affect personal life, but on the work front, its effects are visible. Secondly, it avails to maintain the mind’s tranquility as there is always an assurance that backup is available if some scarce mishappening occurs. Therefore these apps are the safeguard for the infelicitous situation.

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    If there is a system crash or hard drive malfunction, the key purpose for data backup is to save valuable files. If the original backups result in data manipulation or hard drive malfunction, there should be additional data backups. This choice is best done through storage in the cloud or offsite.


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