Steve Jobs’ Application up for Auction as both Physical Item and NFT

A job application paper handwritten and signed by Steve Jobs himself way back in 1973 is being put up for auction…once again.

The last time it was sold on March this year, it went for more than $200,000.

The autographed memorabilia is put up for auction once more, but this time with a twist – there is an NFT version being offered at the same time as the physical document – to simply see which one gets sold for more.

A London-based entrepreneur is taking bids for a non-fungible token (NFT) version of the application, a first for this piece in tech history.

Olly Joshi, the auction’s organizer, is now taking bids for the physical Steve Jobs application through his website, which is based on Snoofa, an auction app.

Meanwhile, the NFT version of the application shall be available through Rarible.

Joshi said in a statement to CNET, “The Steve Jobs hand-written 1973 job application auction aims to highlight the modern shift in perceived value — the physical or the digital.”

Aside from actually auctioning off the job application, Joshi is also trying to make a point about physical and digital goods. On his website, he’s inquiring users whether they believe the physical or NFT versions of the application will sell for more.

The website reads, “Will this open a whole new market for decentralized collectibles? Will this cement the status-quo? Or could we see a stalemate with a fresh understanding that both can coexist and even complement one another as we traverse the next 50 years of innovation?”

A portion of the profits is set to be donated to the Cancer Research Center and One Laptop per Child.

Bidding starts on July 21.

The auction will run for seven days.

Source: AppleInsider

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