UK Online Shopper orders Apples but Luckily Gets iPhone Instead

by Emily on April 15, 2021

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No, it wasn’t a mistake.

Tesco shoppers in the UK were surprised to find a free iPhone and AirPods in their weekly online shopping haul – absolutely for free! The substations are part of a brand new promotion run by Tesco Mobile named “Super Subs” that runs until April 18.

Some Tesco shoppers have discovered that their humble Granny Smith and Royal Gala apples have been deliberately swapped for something more valuable – shiny new iPhones and Apple AirPods.

Nick James, age 50, is one of lucky customers who picked up his order from his nearest Tesco Extra in Twickenham when employees said to him that there was a “surprise” in his bag. It turned out that the mysterious freebie was an iPhone SE, which starts at £399 and maxes-out at £549 when bought SIM-free. How incredible to get that as a reward just from getting your daily groceries!

Mr. James told the UK Daily Mirror about his surprise iPhone SE experience, “I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – I was a little bit shocked to say the least”.

The freebie is part of a new promotion called “Super Subs” which is running right now and expires April 18. It aims to give online shoppers expensive gadgets for free as a reward for using Tesco’s Click and Collect orders which entails placing orders online and then picking them up in person at a local Tesco shop.

To be in the chance to receive an Apple-branded device in their bag, customers will need to order apples. Other than Apple products, there are also some other commonly-ordered items that could possibly be substituted with high-tech equivalents – such as Tesco laundry tablets being swapped with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7, which sports an 11-inch touchscreen and comes with a nifty stylus that allows you to draw and annotate documents.

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