5 Reasons You Should Be Using A/B Test For Your Business

Businesses are facing increasing levels of competition especially post the Covid-19 pandemic. So, it is essential for them to continually test and improve their marketing campaigns. A/B testing can help them accomplish this. For, it allows you to find the best performing variant among two variants of any of your marketing material. 

A/B testing allows you to increase your conversions and revenue. This blog lists 5 reasons why you should be using the A/B test for your business. 

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is the testing of two variants of a landing page, email, subscription form, CTA, or any other marketing material to find the best performer. It shows the two variants to two different groups of your audience randomly, and analyses the performance of each of those. This allows identifying that variant that is most accepted by your audience.

By A/B testing the elements of your marketing collaterals, you get to measure the efficacy of potential changes. This facilitates making well-informed decisions and thereby ensures positive impacts. 

Reasons Why You Should A/B Test

Here are 5 reasons why you should not miss A/B testing your marketing collateral. 

1. A/B testing improves user engagement

You can A/B test all elements of any marketing material. For instance, if you are A/B testing your landing page, you can choose to test any of its elements including layout, language, CTA (call to action) buttons, color theme, fonts, imagery, headline, and more. 

A good A/B testing tool like NotifyVisitors would allow you to easily experiment with your ideas by making real-time modifications on your site. You can simply type, move, or drag the elements around using its user-friendly visual editor.  

You should test only one item at a time so that you identify that particular change that best influenced the user’s behavior. By implementing the “winning” modification, you can improve the user experience, and ultimately find success.

2. A/B testing enhances your content

Your content on your marketing collaterals like website, Facebook page, emails, ads, etc. should be crisp, interesting, and engaging enough for your audience. For, content is the king. It has the potential to entice, capture, and make your audience stick to your brand.

Create two compelling language variations of your headlines, email subject lines, body copy, CTAs, ads, etc., and perform an A/B test to know which one is received well by your users. You may find that even small tweets can usher massive acceptance from them. This can help you eliminate ineffective language and enhance the final versions for users. 

Another aspect that you should be testing concerning content is its length. For some businesses short and crisp content may work, for some others, it may be in-depth content, and for yet others, it may be moderately long. A/B testing would help you identify the length that best suits your audience. 

3. A/B testing lowers your bounce rates

You would have spent a lot of money, time, and effort on creating your website. So, it would be disappointing if you see visitors bouncing from it without spending time reading your content, viewing your products, and/or making use of your offers. When this happens, A/B testing can help you. 

By A/B testing, you can directly compare different elements like headlines, color themes, fonts, etc. on your site. This would help you find a winning combination of elements that makes your visitors stay on your site longer. And the longer they linger, the more is their likelihood to discover the value you offer and ultimately become your subscribers and buyers. 

4. A/B testing increases your conversions

A/B testing is the cheapest, most effective, and simplest means to increase conversions in the form of sign-ups and purchases. For, it tells you what works and what doesn’t. Effectively applying these learnings can enhance your site’s user experience. This can lead to better conversions in the form of more clicks, subscriptions, purchases, etc. 

Over time you will get a good idea of what brings favorable results, you can apply the same principles and tactics to hard-to-sell, premium, and highly-priced items and services. You might find that some of your customers are willing to make costly purchases that offer more perceived value. This way, you can boost conversions further and generate higher revenue. Just make sure that there is consistency across all your marketing collateral.

5. A/B testing can reduce risks related to major revisions

Making major revisions to your site can be expensive, time-intensive, and require significant changes in strategy. So, before committing to massive decisions, if you A/B test your site elements to study visitor and customer behavior, you can increase your chances of success by many folds. 

For, it helps you eliminate unwanted risks by making well-informed and data-driven decisions and use your resources effectively, which in turn heightens maximum impact and efficiency. This way, A/B testing before making major modifications to your site can lower risks, increase short-term conversions, and boost long-term customer loyalty and other vital metrics. 


A/B testing removes assumptions from your marketing efforts and helps you make solid decisions related to designing and implementing your marketing and advertising campaigns. You can A/B test any marketing material and discover what works and what doesn’t. It helps you find the right combination of different elements that engages and converts visitors. This ultimately increases the returns on your investment. 

Thus, A/B testing can boost the bottom line if done rightly. So, do get a great A/B testing tool like NotifyVisitors. It works across mobile, tablet, and desktop websites; and can even help you carry out split URL testing and multivariate testing

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