9 Tips for Improving Your Self Esteem

We like to think that self-esteem is just a thing of preference and doesn’t really influence your life that much. But we just don’t want to face the truth that sometimes we simply lack things that are important to a person’s psyche and try to undervalue them. No matter how intelligent you may be, self-esteem will always leave a better impression on an employer and is always an incredible boost when searching for a partner. Lacking self-esteem also makes the individual more prone to depression and anxiety. So, let’s discuss some ways of improving the situation.

1. Treat Yourself Kindly

Change starts from within. If you surround yourself with positive thoughts (no matter how naive they might be), you are bound to get a more positive outlook on life and become more willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things out. So, try and practice speaking to yourself the same way you would speak to your friends and family.

2. Exercise

Exercise has been a proven method of improving both physical and mental health. Just by exercising you will raise your opinion about yourself and thus your self-esteem along with it. Now, you don’t need to start going to the gym every day for three hours (in fact that’s a terrible decision as a beginner). Make baby steps, start doing some jogging, or light cardio and gradually increase your workout routine over time. Even just exercising 30 minutes a day can have positive effects on your everyday life.

3. Perfection is a Myth

All those stars, actors, and idols you see on TV are fake. Perfection is an impossible goal (that we should, nonetheless, strive to reach in order to improve ourselves and grow as people). So, if you have any goals in mind, set them low at first and then gradually build them up after you’ve established a foundation. Don’t be angry with yourself because you couldn’t master German in six months. Learning to deal with failure is a trait we all need to learn.

4. Focus on the Parts That You Have Influence Over

You’ve done the test, it’s over. Nothing more that can be done about it, don’t stress yourself out for the following seven days until you’ve received the results. Most things that happen to us are outside of our control, learning to deal with this fact is how we continue living without going bald at the age of 20 or become a nervous wreck.

5. Mistakes Happen All the Time

Mistakes are what shape us, they give us valuable experiences that we can use to learn and better ourselves. Don’t beat yourself up over failing, but don’t avoid responsibility or an opportunity when you have it served on a plate to you.

6. Enjoy the Small Things in Life

Don’t have the newest generation Bugatti? Damn, happiness can no longer be achieved. Jokes aside, we like to set impossible goals for ourselves, along with absurd standards for what happiness means. You do not need an expensive car to be happy. Happiness is found in the small things in life. Do what makes you happy. Go for a walk from time to time and enjoy nature. If you adore nature, then photograph it and make it a hobby. Celebrate even just waking up hearing the birds chirping or having a delicious sandwich, as these do add up over time and affect your approach to life.

7. Reject Negative Thoughts

Over time you may start having negative thoughts about things on a daily basis, this is not a healthy mentality, and it needs to be rooted out. Become aware of this terrible habit once you start looking at only the negative things in life. You need to have your own little motivational speaker in your head, telling you it’s all going to be okay.

8. Identify the Problem

Sometimes problems are staring us in the face but we just don’t focus on them so it feels like it’s less apparent than you would first anticipate. Find out what is making you unhappy and if it’s something you can influence deal with it. If it’s not, then find a way around it. Think about the conditions that are deflating your self-esteem. Be it problems at school, work, home, or even in your relationship.

9. Filter Out the Negative People in Your Life

It’s no surprise that we tend to surround ourselves with like-minded people. But this can be extremely detrimental if you surround yourself with people who are also depressed and insecure and deal with it by wallowing in their own little pity party. This can only lead you deeper into a negative mindset and if you have these kinds of people around you, get rid of them. As they will only hinder your progress.

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