Attracting New Online Customers through Coupons

by Klaus on June 21, 2021

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Coupons may be the oldest marketing trick in the world, to bring customers to your store. Or it just may be the most modern one… Thanks to the company Couponbox, online stores can provide saving to customers, through coupons downloaded from their website. Here is why it is so interesting, that many of the major companies around the world use their services.

Here is Why it works

Let’s start with an example, to understand the real power of coupons. If someone is looking to print a customized item, either with the logo of his company or a picture of his family or his couple, online, which company would they choose, if they don’t already have a supplier? An unknown company with similar advantages? Or would they prefer to use a discount code to get their product? At, you can receive several coupons for products from different shops. For example, you can receive a Personalization Mall discount code for products from Personalization Mall, a company selling custom photo frames, greeting cards, home décor and a lot more.

It is safe to assume that with similar products, for two unknown companies, a customer will choose the one bringing him the best offer. With the rebates found on Couponbox, for this customization specialist company, it is safe to assume that they will choose Personalization Mall. In fact, if your company is looking for promotional products, these coupons could very well work for you, right now.

Works Great for Established Companies as well

The internet is a wonderful world, because you can basically sell to anyone around the world, if you want to. However, your company is not alone, as all other companies in your field can also take that decision. Competition can be overwhelming online, and so, even the most important manufacturers have to find a way to attract customers to their online stores, instead of having them go to their competitors.

Just by looking at the names using Couponbox, you understand right away the full potential that this marketing tool can bring. Why else would brands like H&M, Blue Navy and Adidas use them, if they weren’t bringing them good revenues? These well-established companies have a full marketing department behind them, that are paid to make the right choices. The simple fact that so many brands use a service company like Couponbox, speaks loud in terms of the real effect they have on them and how they bring customers to their store.

Offers Massive Exposure

Customers already know about the existence of coupons online. In fact, many look for them, before they decide where they will buy a particular product online. Again, the theory is simple: Why would they pay more for an identical product, on a website that don’t provide a rebate through coupons? That brings thousands and thousands of online buyers to first search for a coupon before acquiring anything they need. Let’s use another example to illustrate the matter.

If a customer is looking to buy food supplements online, the chances that he looks for a better price is high. Why? Because there are so many online stores that provide the same products, at similar pricing. The easiest way for them to make sure that they don’t waste their money uselessly, is by looking for a coupon from a supplier. For example, on Couponbox, they would look into the health and beauty section and would soon find out that iHerb is giving them the opportunity to save money on their next purchase.

Increases a Brand’s Visibility

One of the most expensive elements of marketing, for any company, is the cost of creating brand awareness. How do you compete with well-positioned brand names, if you are just starting or if your company is not yet known, in certain territories? This can rapidly become a very complex question or a costly one, depending on which route you want (or are able) to take. If you do not have the capacity of an eBay, an Apple or a Walmart, then you have to find solutions with low-cost or even none. 

Positioning your company through coupons, will bring your company’s status at the same level of the other names in your category. This, in itself, will boost your brand’s name and its value, immediately, every time a new internet user goes through the category you are in, inside Couponbox. Of course, the fact that they can choose your company over the big names, is even more important, but it does not lower the visibility that it enables you to get, just by offering your products or services, side-by-side to them.

Bringing New Customers to Your Online Store

Perhaps the most important action that coupons do for your company, is to bring in new customers to your online store. Many marketing strategies that you use, are to make sure that your existing customers continue to buy from you, and do so as often as possible. By using your newsletter and database, you can create specialized offers for each category of customers you already have. But bringing in new clients, is what enables you to grow. Using the services of a company like Couponbox is exactly what it enables you to do. You gain revenues through new clients; exactly what the financial doctor prescribes…


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