Benefits Of Chatbots For Ecommerce

1. Role of chatbots in ecommerce

Chatbots are designed to teach shoppers about your brand. They can provide information about your business, like the latest promotions or new products. The idea of a chatbot is to use artificial intelligence to help automate a conversation with your site visitors. Bots have been around for quite some time.

They are especially popular in social networks as a way to connect users with companies. According to a report by Oracle , 40% of consumers are interested in buying something from a brand that they communicate with on social media.

This study reveals how brands are embracing automation and using artificial intelligence to help e-commerce sites, which ultimately benefits consumers. 

Chatbots no longer exist as single standalone entities; instead, they are being integrated into e-commerce sites to give site visitors the information they want in real time via messaging apps. This integration has helped brands grow their businesses by improving customer service and boosting conversion rates. According to Forbes , chatbots have helped boost companies’ sales by 15%.

Chatbots are the future of eCommerce customer service. In fact, a recent study by Gartner Research predicts that by 2018, 85% of all customer interactions will be managed without a human. 

Anyone who’s ever had to explain an order cancellation or request a return knows the pain of using an archaic, slow eCommerce site with limited functionality. By augmenting the number of available customer service agents with chatbots, retailers can provide better service with more efficiency and consistency.

The role of chatbot in ecommerce is to provide the best customer experience. It serves as a bridge between the customers and the ecommerce stores.

The main benefits of chatbots for ecommerce sites are: Chatbots help humanize your business and create a more personalized shopping experience. 

Chatbots can increase sales. Chatbots can manage customer information. Chatbots can handle routine tasks. Chatbots can automate surveys and lead generation.

2. How chatbot helps in improving conversion rates

Chatbot development has been in the industry for a while now. In fact, it has emerged as the future of customer engagement. Many eCommerce sites have already integrated chatbots to improve user experience and support. It is a growing trend in the industry.

The efficacy of chatbot for ecommerce can be seen from the fact that despite all the new tech inventions for online shopping, chatbots have emerged as the top choice for consumers when it comes to dealing with online purchases.

The user experience of eCommerce stores plays an important role in driving sales as well as improving conversion rates. However, due to the increased competition, marketers and eCommerce stores are challenged with how to increase sales and convert more visitors into customers.

3. The future of Chatbots in eCommerce

Bots are the future of customer service and eCommerce. They provide an avenue to engage customers in a more fluid, cost-effective and personalized way than ever before. The growth of eCommerce has changed the face of shopping. Online shoppers are now familiar with the ways of the web. 

For businesses, it means one overwhelming hurdle: deliver more than just eCommerce, but great experience across channels. And what is the most important channel for any business? 

That’s right – it’s probably not Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, but the one that drives 80% of all traffic – search engines. It may be a surprise for some, but chatbots are here to stay, and here to win.

Chatbots are a new innovative way to interact with businesses and are user friendly also. In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in chatbots and every single major brand across Technology, AI, Online Retailers, Consumables and Electronics are constantly working to create their own chatbot platforms.

Chatbots have a great potential in eCommerce because of the predicted increase in the number of online consumers.

According to a study by Live Chat, “42% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after communicating with a chatbot.”

The chatbot can be used at any stage of the buying process which helps businesses get more leads and sales. It can also serve as a customer support tool for helping customers during the buying experience.

Businesses are increasingly turning to chatbots to engage with customers. It’s easy to see why. Chatbots can respond to user questions quickly and accurately, allowing businesses to answer customer questions as a natural part of the order process. 

For example, if a customer asks about shipping costs, a chatbot can provide this information without the need for the customer to go through an additional step in the purchasing process.

Having little or no contact with the customers might seem like the safe strategy for eCommerce sites, but it isn’t. When it comes to online shopping, customers are looking for personalized experience and are ready to engage in conversations.

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