Best Tips to Use ITSM Tool Effectively 

In the global era, IT Service Management (ITSM) has become a key factor in any IT businesses, and it is also widely used across the IT sector. As technology is evolving, enterprises should adapt new and best techniques when they opt for the ITSM tool, which should help in enterprise’s growth, stability, and secured future. 

If you want to optimize your ITSM tool completely and work efficiently, here are the best tips, which with application can yield the best results

Analyze your crucial company needs

For various companies, their priorities are different, hence so is their needs. One should beforehand evaluate the needs from wants. By doing the same, unwanted data and widgets can be deleted and the focus shifts on significant things on the dashboard.  

Customize the dashboard according to your priorities so it is time saving and productivity is not hindered due to unwanted data on the screen. Organizations often neglect this important aspect to consider before using ITSM. 

Know the ITSM 

Once the installation is completed the main task is to study the tool accurately. This will establish a good knowledge and according to that the priorities of the company can be set then proper changes can be brought about. 

 This is a key factor, as not fully understanding the tool may act as a hurdle from time to time. There are numerous KPIs and metrics to concentrate on like: 

  • Measuring per employee bandwidth 
  • Monitoring incident solving time 
  • Agent workload 
  • Complex queries solving time 
  • Integration hindrance 
  • Unsolved incidents rate 
  • SLA compliance rate 
  • Asset management 
  • Lost business hours 
  • Change in success rate 
  • Describe Infrastructure stability 
  • Ticket number drifts 
  • Fraction of incidents resolved 
  • SLA compliance rate 
  • Cost per ticket 
  • Software utilization rate 
  • Incident response time 
  • Incident resolution time 
  • Reopen incident rate 
  • Problem resolution time 

Features like these aid in enhanced productivity within the organization. 

Install ITSM in all the levels within the organization  

ITSM is an effective tool when used wisely not only saves crucial time of upper level but within all the level of the organization.  

Installing it in the lowest of the level ensures that if any incident arises, automatically a ticket is generated and assigned to an engineer, so it is solved hassle-free and quickly.  

Installation of this tool guarantees better productivity, less confusion, delighted staff and efficient working. This provides with more scalability within the organization. Then the staff can also provide their undivided attention to only important work and not on trivial matters.

Introduce the tool to employees

One of the major reasons for failure in a company is when employees themselves are properly not able to manage or fully know the tool to use it to their advantage. 

Introduction of the ITSM tool to the staff will help them understand it for future usability.  There are various ways like seminars, PPT, demo, etc. to introduce the new ITSM tool to your employees. Automated workflow provides smooth path without unwanted confusion being created. Through this an organization is open to new changes and adopts it, which overall increases their success rate.  

Use all the versions of the tool 

ITSM tool can be functional in various forms because of its versatility. Not only can it be on a desktop but also on the mobile phone which makes it easier to use remotely as well. In case, your desktop is not working, and you want to monitor the ongoing in the company, having installed a mobile app comes in handy and can act as a savior many times. 

For example, Motadata offers many useful features through their ITSM Solution that can be utilized in your organization for enhanced performance. Mobile app can be customizable also as seen in desktop.   

Key Takeaways 

Every organization is different from one another and so are their priorities and molding the tool in accordance with your requirement is crucial. These tips are easy to implement, and it will be beneficial when kept in mind while purchasing any ITSM tool. Any enterprise can discuss these elements earlier with the help of professionals

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    ServiceNow is now used by the organization to conduct application and device discovery in the same platform as its ITSM procedures, blurring the lines between each application activity. This allows the firm to see application-level discovery and relationships between devices and applications more clearly.

    Engineers can now rapidly see changes in configuration, ensure they fit with the organization’s change management process, and hold teams accountable for process enforcement thanks to daily scans on apps. The organization can avoid interruptions due to unplanned changes by enforcing the change management process.


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