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Referral marketing is one of the best ways to advertise a business. It is a system where you can recruit your existing customers or website visitors as your marketers to promote your products and services for you. But you need to ensure that your website. Doing this strategy is easy if you have some referral software to help you. With these tools, you can launch a referral program right from your website. In this article, you’ll learn several tools that can help you establish a referral program. 

OSI Affiliate Software

On top of the list is the most reliable tool that you can use to launch your referral program. Not only does OSI Affiliate assist you in creating your program, but it also allows for other forms of advertising like social media sharing and others. The magic of the tool doesn’t stop there. You can also use it for influencer marketing campaigns. You can create a dedicated promo code for your targeted influencers so they can get credited in their promotions.

Another thing that you will love about this tool is its directory. It already has a network of influencers waiting for your products and services. With this tool, you can promote your products to find partners who are willing to promote your products for you. 


Another referral marketing tool that you’ll love is Refersion. It is a tool that is well-known for the creation of referral programs in the eCommerce platform. You can use its platform to create your referral or affiliate program in just a few clicks. Then, you can track the referrers that you attract as a result of your promotion. From here, you can also look at each referrer’s performance so that you can compensate them for their efforts. You can implement multi-tier commission structures for the benefit of your referrers. Overall, it is a tool that made creating a referral program relatively easy to do for Drum Set Lab

Tap Affiliate

Referral marketing is powerful for it utilizes the networks of your customers and website visitors. Instead of merely relying on your network of family and friends, you also get to leverage the family and friends of your customers and website visitors. But sometimes, a simple email is not enough to convince people to sign up. It is far better to reach people through social media – where they are online most of the time. It is for this reason that Tap Affiliate creates a referral program that is integrated with social media. It is designed for the success of the referral program that you plan to develop on the platform. 

Referral SaaSquatch

Do you want to build a referral program fast? Making a referral program in the old days can be quite daunting. Not only do you have to deal with complicated coding, but you also need to deal with the user interface so you can set it up on your website. Fortunately, we now have tools that can help you launch referral programs in a few clicks. One of these is Referral Sasquatch. It has a goal to make referral programs easy to throw. What it provides is a selection of functionalities for your referral program. You can create multi-program and multi-tier campaigns as well as set up custom triggers for activities. It is then equipped with powerful insights that made Hunting Bow Lab track the performance of their affiliates. 


Buyapowa has a different approach to the refer-a-friend program. Instead of merely setting one up in your website, it also provides options so that your employees can also become your marketers. From here, you can then sign up some brand ambassadors, so you have multiple people promoting your products and services. You can then activate different rewards just for that purpose.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing by BOLD

Another tool that you can use to create a referral program easily is the affiliate and referral software by BOLD. It is a tool that helps you to create a plan in minutes and choose your rewards. The best part is that you can also leverage their network. With this network, you get instant access to influencers, affiliates, and other promotion partners. It makes it easy for you to promote your referral program. 

AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

Another tool that you can look into is AAA or Affiliate Marketing Pro. This is a tool that seamlessly integrates with your online store. The best part is that it doesn’t only give you a chance to ask your referrals to advertise your business in exchange for a commission. You can also promote your referral program in different channels, including social media. This setup gives you plenty of opportunities to promote your business. 


If you want to catch your customers when they are ready to buy from you, you can use Affiliatify to do this. It is a tool that can help you promote affiliate offers upon checkout. It is an exciting way to convince your customers to become program referrers at the right moment. It replaces your Add to Cart button with a link to your affiliate offers, giving you more opportunities to promote your products and services. 


Talkable is called as such because it gets your customers talking about your business. By creating a referral program with an attractive reward, you can encourage your customers to promote your business for you. This can positively impact the growth of your eCommerce business. 


If you want to do more than referral marketing, you may also want to launch your program with influencer marketing. If that’s the case, then you’ll find that Sellagram is quite useful. Not only can it help you in creating an influencer program for your business. You can also use the platform to contact influencers directly. It gives you an avenue to promote your business. You can get and wait for feedback on the same platform. 

Referral software allows you to create referral programs without the need for manual coding. With software, you can easily set up referral programs in a few clicks right on your WordPress website. 

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