Euler’s Method – All you Need to Know About it!

by Calvin on August 10, 2021

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Euler’s method is used to approximate the solutions of certain differential equations. It works by approximating a solution curve with line segments. In a few cases, it is not possible to write down an equation for the curve. However, we can still find approximate coordinates of a point with by using simple lines. These lines have the same slope as the curve so that they can stay relatively close to it. If the calculations for the values are tricky for you, then you can an online Euler’s method calculator that helps to calculate the solution of the first-order differential equation according to Euler’s method.

What is Euler’s Method?

In mathematics & computational science, Euler’s method is also known as the forwarding Euler method. It is a first-order numerical process through which you can solve the ordinary differential equations with the given initial value. It is said to be the most explicit method for solving the numerical integration of ordinary differential equations.  Differential equations are difficult to solve so, you consider the online euler’s theorem calculator that calculate the equation by using the initial values.

Euler’s Method Formula:

This method is a technique to analyze the differential equation that uses the idea of local linearity of linear approximation. Here we use the small tangent lines over a short distance for the approximation of the solution to an initial-value problem. Here is the formula that can help you to analyze the differential equation.

An = An-1 + hA (Bn-1 ,An-1)

If you are not good at doing calculations for differential problems, then you can use Euler’s method calculator to finds the linear approximation of parametric, explicit, or polar curves.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Euler Method:

Below are some of the pros & cons of using Euler’s method for differential problems.


  • Euler’s method is simple and can be used directly for the non-linear IVPs.
  • Only need to calculate the given function.
  • Requires one evaluation of f(t; x(t)).


  • The disadvantage of using this method is that it is less accurate and somehow less numerically unstable. 
  • The approximation error is proportional to the step size “h”.

How Do You Solve Euler’s Equation?

The basic approach for solving Euler’s equation is similar to the approach used to simplify the constant-coefficient equations. First, you need to assume a specific form for the solution with one constant “to be determined”. After that insert the form in the differential equation & simplify the resulting equation for the constant.

Now, construct the general solution by using the resultant so, in this way the basic theory is developed. Solving this equation is daunting when it comes to manual calculation. Here you can use Euler’s method calculator to approximate the differential equations that show the size of each step and related values in a table.

How accurate is Euler method?

The numerical methodis used to determine the solution for the initial value problem with a differential equation, which can’t be solved by using the tradition methods. The old methods are very complex as well as long. So, you can consider the online Euler method calculator can to estimates the ordinary differential equations and substitute the obtained values.


Euler’s method is known as one of the simplest numerical methods used for approximating the solution of the first-order initial value problems. The basic idea behind the formation of this method is to find the approximate values for the differential problems. In the calculation process, it is possible that you find it difficult. At that point of confusion, you can give an account to an online initial condition calculator that uses the initial value to solve the differential equation & substitute them in the table.

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