How a paraphrasing tool can help you write SEO-optimized content?

Are you struggling with your content creation strategies? Have you tried every way to create SEO-optimized content but failed?

Surely, you need to redress your writing techniques. Most successful bloggers now avail of cutting-edge tools like paraphrasers to augment their content writing. 

So, you also need to upgrade yourself with innovative tools. If you want to know how a paraphrasing tool can assist you in your blog’s success, then this article is for you.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is making use of a set of techniques to improve your website changes of appearing in the search result when someone searches related to your products.

There are several types of SEO techniques you can use to optimize your content:

ON-page SEO:

It majorly depends on the content’s quality and its best use to hint to the search engine that your website is relevant to the searched query.

It also includes the use of keywords that signals your content relevancy. If you use LSI keywords, you may have greater chances of ranking on Google.

The next thing is the content’s uniqueness. The more unique your content is the more it gives new insights. People also like to read a unique perspective of things and Google promotes such content.

Off-page SEO:

 This type of St George SEO is overtly related to the quality and quantity of backlinks. These incoming links to your website tell Google that your content is of Good quality and unique that’s what other websites have referred to your content.

If your content is unique, you can vouch for your website through outreach and guest posting. 

Which stops you from writing SEO-optimized content?

SEO-optimized content is what you usually see on the top search engine result pages. Search any query on Google and you will see a long list of results. 

The reason why the top results are actually shown on the top is that they are SEO-optimized. Google has defined some standard protocols for your content’s higher visibility.

These standards are called ranking factors. There are 206 ranking factors in number and you have to optimize your content with these factors to rank your website on the first result page. 

This will accrue increased traffic and a steady flow of revenue. The most important ranking factor is the content’s quality.

 Google algorithms nowadays have become so much sophisticated that they detect the content quality easily. 

They rank the website with unique content quality and de-rank or even penalize low-quality content. Hence, plagiarism is the factor that stops your content from ranking. 

How a paraphrasing tool helps you remove plagiarism?

First things first, let’s define the true meaning of paraphrasing. To paraphrase means to recreate or reword a text to make it unique.

In this technique, you replace your main words with their synonyms to make your content look different.

This technique originates from academic circles where it is used as a learning tool to teach the students the art of writing or composition.

The students are given a passage and asked to rewrite the text into different words. This technique enhances their capability of writing.

Coming to the point, in content writing, we use this technique for different purposes. You can paraphrase any existing content, published on the internet to make it unique and use it by your name.

Moreover, if your content contains plagiarism, you can use this technique to remove it from your content. 

But it is not easy to manually paraphrase your content when you have a bulk of content to publish on your website. 

Due to time constraints, you usually fell into the trap of faulty paraphrasing, which results again in plagiarism.

 To come up with a solution, a paraphraser is an considerable option that rewords your text automatically. 

Removing plagiarism will automatically make your content SEO optimized and worthy of ranking. Thus, a paraphrasing tool helps in your business imporvement.

What are the effects of plagiarism on your website?

Panda algorithm update, incorporated in Google core update in 2016, is an important Google update that scrutinizes your content and gives a quality score. 

If your content is copied or low quality, it immediately de-ranks it. You can also suffer the Panda penalty. Hummingbird update also ignores low-quality and plagiarized content.

On the other hand, if your content contains plagiarism, your readers recognize it easily. They abhor such content and will tend to leave your website as soon as they see such content.

Sudden leaving causes your website bounce rate to increase which also affects your ranking. Moreover, you will lose enormous traffic even if your website goes one position down.

Final words:

Every successful webmaster has to calibrate her content to meet the needs of SEO. Without optimization, any kind of content no matter how much useful it appears, can’t pass the tight scrutiny.

Therefore, it remains on lower pages where you won’t get any traffic and hence, won’t even get any ROIs.

To improve your ranking you have to remove plagiarism from your content because it appears as the single ranking factor to stop your content from optimization. 

For this purpose, you can write unique content by yourself or use a paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism.

Nevertheless, paraphrasing manually is not so easy as it requires skills to replace words with exact synonyms. In addition, it is a time-consuming task, so you can’t use it on shorter deadlines.

Therefore, a paraphrasing tool appears like a much better option to remove plagiarism and to optimize your content.

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