How Much Does a Call Center Charge Per Head?

Companies often look for the budget-friendly support services. They want inbound and outbound customer service at the price that they can contract out easily. 

There are many other things that they don’t want to compromise on. Quality and what additive values they can have are a few substantial things that can make or break decisions. This is where outsourcing call center services come in the scene.

The first thing that you can do is to determine what goals you want to achieve with it, such as administering customer requests, making sales or offering IT support.

Types of Support Services

Assess your requirements because it is the foremost thing to consider for selecting the ideal one from different types of services. Here is the roundup of different types of call centers:    

  • Inbound Call Centers

These professional centers attend calls from the customers to resolve various matters. The professional support representatives on the other side of the call wait for providing assistance to the struggling customers. These representatives are technically expert and trained to help them. This attribute makes them the problem solver.

They stay prepared for taking any types of call that may be from an angry, emotional or extremely confused customer. Their patience and soft skills are the only things that can help them to translate that aggressiveness into satisfaction. 

  • Outbound Call Centers

These call centers typically assist sales, generating leads, taking follow-ups, conducting surveys, telemarketing and fundraising. Convincing customers to buy anything is not easy. The representatives here have expertise in relationship building. They call or respond warmly, but with proactive approach. 

It means that they start with a simple gesture of offering support, which prepares a platform to win their heart. Their positive gestures attract customers who seek only them for further assistance, if needed.   

  • Work-From-Home Call Centers

The pandemic-like situations have encouraged professionals for work-from-home or remote call assistance. Even, BPO or contact centers have quickly adopted it. These call centers use software to distribute calls for making from their comfort zones to customers located in the remote areas. 

This type of centers employ professionally trained experts from all around to deliver a more feasible support to global customers. The company provides all essential assets, including a headset, a microphone and a laptop with the server connectivity. The matter experts train them before starting off with the project. It’s immensely beneficial, especially for satisfying inbound and outbound customers with round-the-clock availability using chatbots, live chats and telecommunication options. This is how companies can accomplish goals during off-hours without putting employees on different shifts. 

Let’s get started to understand what the estimated price for different customer support services could be.   

How much does a call support cost? 

The cost for call support services would be more or less similar for outbound and inbound calls. 

The average base salary of a call center agent in India is 182,762/ year, which includes bonus, profit sharing and commission. Now, you can multiply it with the number of agents that you need to hire, as 182,762 X 5= 9,13,810, which is $12228.08. 

The total cost may have manager payscale inclusive, which means that you need to include it also. It is ₹10,10,110 per year, which is $135.07. 

In total, it is going to be around $12228.08+$135.07= $12363.15 per year in all. This is how you can calculate the overall cost.    

There are some cases that may ask for additional charges for software and hardware, hiring cost and office space.  All of these costs are different as per country, location and experience. So, you should clearly take some figures about all of these expenses for computing the overall cost. Even, these prices are negotiable in the Asian countries, as in India. You should talk to the concerned person and clearly figure out how much it cost. 

Here is a chart of an average Outsourced Call Center Pricing In 2020 by Syrow as per regions.  

Location Outsourced Call Center Pricing (per hour)
The United States/Canada $20–30
Western Europe $40+
Eastern Europe $12–25
Australia $35–55
Africa/Middle East $15–20
Latin America $8–18
Asia/Philippines $8–14
India $6–10


The aforementioned price-chart is a guide to analyse how much it may cost when you look for the expert calling professionals in different locations. Besides, these centers bring a chain of values for the customers that can help in transforming the way you do business. 

In short, it’s an incredible idea to contract out an outsourcer for getting professional services and meet business goals. 


The inbound and outbound customer support is a contact service, which may cost around $2,448.05 per head a year. In addition, there are some extra cost of hardware & software, premises, hiring and customer service manager. The countries like India have contact centers that offer all price inclusive, which one can negotiate also.  

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