How to Come Up With Unique Business Name Ideas

You’ve got a great idea, a great product, or a great service and you want to start your own business. Congrats to you! What’s your business name? If you haven’t come up with a catchy business name yet, that’s ok. These things can take time and you don’t want to force it and end up with thousands of dollars in marketing material only to find out your business name stinks.  We’re here, however, to help you find the right business name for you, one that people will remember and one for which you can build a brand around. Read on to learn about the ways you can come up with unique business name ideas you can run past friends, family, and whoever else supports your dream. 

Make it Short and Easy to Remember

Think Nike or Nabisco. They’re short and sweet and people can easily remember them. Besides that, they’ve become name-brands. Tip: Make sure the name is also easy to spell and keep it under four syllables.

Look to History or Myth

Many companies look to history or myths to come up with a unique business name that people will remember. Some examples include Starbucks, Versace, Nike, Dove, and Amazon. What these names have in common, besides their success, is they all come from Greek mythology.

Use a Business Name Generator

One of the easiest ways to generate unique business name ideas is with a business name generator. Simply choose your category and put in a name you’re considering or that has to do with your business, what you sell, or what you offer. For example, if you were to choose the footwear category and plugin comfy boots (maybe that’s all you sell) you’ll come up with unique names like Comfy Start and Boots Dash.  Another example is choosing technology as your category and game as your keyword. Perhaps you sell games or you’re a game creator. Either way, you’ll come up with unique names such as Game Scale, Zentech, Game Storm, and more.

Make sure the Name isn’t Already Taken

Once you’ve narrowed down your name choices to just a few, you’ll want to make sure the names aren’t already taken. This should only take a quick Google search to find out. Plug your business name in the search engine and see what comes up. You can also check domain names on a site like GoDaddy. If the domain name isn’t taken, that means it’s yours to scoop up.

Run the Name by Others

Tell your friends about the business names your considering. They’ll be honest and tell you which ones they like and which ones they don’t. This is a great jumping-off point if you’re unable to conduct a traditional consumer survey.

Don’t Let it Drag-On Too Long

Being indecisive when choosing a business name will quickly lead to lost momentum. You’ll know when you find a good name and as long as anyone else doesn’t have it, grab it while you can and move on to the next phase of your start-up.

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  1. This blog is so informative it helped me alot In the end
    i just want to say that thanks for sharing such a great information

  2. Neat! As I business owner I struggled with this a lot. Currently, I kind of settled for my own name (lame I know) but thinking of new and creative ideas!


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