Importance of Integrating Your Active Directory with Helpdesk Software

In many agencies worldwide, a help desk is one of the most important parts of IT operations. The needs of stakeholders are met by the operations of the help desk of their companies. Good helpdesk software directly impacts the productivity of the IT team. With the increasing demand, the agencies need to ensure that the helpdesk operations are at an optimum efficiency level. Ticket tracking software is one of the most vital parts of the IT team in an agency. When you have good software management system in your company, the clients are confident that their problems with your products and services will be handled in good time.

The software helps the agent operate almost effortlessly because they have been automated for ticket resolution processes. There is nothing as annoying to clients as waiting for service for long hours; thus, when you have Sync agents in operation and deliver promptly, your customers will fall in love with your services and feel satisfied every time they raise a concern and are addressed promptly. There are a lot of advantages in integrating an active directory with your help desk software. Some of the examples are;

Structure creation 

With proper organization and structure, ticket tracking software can improve the efficiency of the agency greatly. The system can be structured according to the level of knowledge and skills of the IT experts. If a ticketing issue arises, the task can be assigned to the technician according to their competencies.

Assigning request and queuing 

Most ticketing systems can remain unaddressed until an expert attend to it. Some work on a priority basis and take up a lot of productive time for the IT expert. Such systems increase the turnaround time and violate the terms of services and products of an agency. A ticket tracking software can queue up tickets since it has automated load balancing and round-robin models.

End-user self-service empowerment 

Some clients’ queries and complaints can be addressed and fixed by the clients themselves without the need for an agent’s intervention. This gives the time for the IT team to focus on more pressing issues and improves their productivity. With the creation of a self-service portal, the clients can choose any service they would require. This platform can also be like a notice board where the management announces any planned maintenance or any other information beneficial to the user.

Increases coordination and communication 

Instead of back-and-forth communication with a requester through endless emails and wasting time, ticket tracking software is automated and can respond to such emails immediately. It can be set to auto reply routine solutions to the client. It will save more time than would have been used to manually writing and email.

Routine Task Management 

System checks are some of the periodic tasks that IT technicians normally carry. There are two ways of managing these tasks;

Automation; Technicians can handle higher priority tickets, and simple tasks with less priority, such as password setting and resetting, can be automated.

Scheduling: A routine task ticket is created at a specific time and assigned to a technician

End-user survey

Individuals should be evaluated through their key performance indicators such as responsiveness and ticket resolution. You can send a survey to the clients at the end of the ticketing process to get feedback on your helpdesk systems. The survey can be yearly or quarterly.

Reports and KPIs 

It can generate reports on key performance indicators such as;

  • Percentage user satisfaction
  • Percentage of ticket backlog
  • Mean turnaround time to resolve a ticket

Multichannel support 

Integrating active directory with helpdesk software allows the agency to communicate with the customer their preferred channel. It allows for fielding client tickets from different sources such as email, social media, phones, and live chat.  

It takes an organized and efficient workflow for an IT team to master the art of utmost customer service. With an integrated active directory to your helpdesk services, you will always be ahead of customer demand. Ticket tracking software allows the agents to manage their workload as well as deal with complicated inquires. Nowadays, similar products and services have flooded the market, thus havening the best customer services help team makes you stand out among your competitors, and there is no better way than to have a good help desk software. 

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