Introduction to the Software Types

Software is the brain of a computer. It allows the correct functioning of various devices (custom peripherals) that are connected to the computer and allows the user to solve certain tasks using the computer. In its absence, the computer (phone, tablet, etc.) will be just a metal box that does not perform any intellectual functions.

The right software will bring a number of benefits for business, including:

– computation of the operational results;

– approximation of the data trends;

– automotive reporting;

– aggregated data storage;

– analysis and data security.

In the twentieth century, computers that had modest capabilities were already used to gain advantages in business development, but modern, more powerful computers with modern software can have a greater impact on business development and significantly increase its profits. In order to understand how modern software affects business development, you need to understand what it is.

What is software?

Software – all computer programs that allow the hardware connected to the computer to work, and also allows you to perform certain tasks on it. It includes 2 main categories, namely:

– system software,

– application software.

System Software

This software requires the connection of certain gadgets to the system unit of the computer unit and their correct operation. Conditionally, they can be divided into 5 categories, namely:

1) Operating system

This is directly the core of the entire software. First of all, it should be installed on the computer for the identification and operation of gadgets, as well as various applications.

2) Device drivers

They are necessary so that the devices can start performing their immediate tasks, in the absence of drivers, the OS will not be able to use them and set them certain tasks.

3) Firmware

It is installed directly inside the equipment. It is necessary for the operation and control of the installed equipment.

4) Utilities

Perform tasks related to computer maintenance, as well as those related to its diagnostics.

5) Programming language translators

Compilers and translators are necessary for decoding (translating) the source code into machine code.

Application software

By the way, the computer can work correctly without these applications, but the user will not be able to perform the necessary tasks. The right choice of suitable applications significantly increases the efficiency of work both in business and when using it for personal purposes.

It should be selected based on the tasks that the user or organization needs to solve:

1) Word processors

Required for creating various text files. They allow you to check the text for various errors, as well as format it beautifully (Microsoft Word).

2) Graphics software

They are used to edit and modify photos, as well as various visual effects (Adobe Photoshop and PaintShop Pro).

3) DB Software

It is necessary for managing and creating various databases. When using the program, data is extracted from the database, you can change it during operation, and when the work is completed, it is saved in the final version (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server).

4) Spreadsheet software

The files in these programs are stored in a tabular format (the table has an unlimited number of cells), the user can use various formulas to calculate them (Microsoft Excel).

5) Presentation software

They allow you to add various text to your slides, as well as videos and pictures. Consists of 3 components:

– Slide show directly to visualize the information,

– Text editor that allows the integration and modification of different texts on slides,

– Insert tables, graphs, and various multimedia files.

6) Web browsers

They allow you to access the global network, as well as extract and upload various data from it (Google Chrome).

7) Education and reference software

Created specifically for understanding and learning specific subjects. In another way, it is sometimes called: academic (JumpStart, MindPlay).

8) Multimedia software

It is actively used in animation and when editing videos and various images. You can use it to save images, audio (video) files. (VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player).

9) Enterprise software

It is used to solve corporate problems (tasks). It represents a whole set of problems and applications that increase the overall productivity of the organization, as well as contributes to its efficiency and automation.

10) Freeware

This software is absolutely free and available to all users for installation via a global network. You can’t change it, and you can’t get a certain benefit for distributing it (Adobe Reader and Skype).

11) Shareware

These programs have a trial period of use and in the future the user will have to pay for their use, if the program he likes, and he wants to use it further (WinZip and Adobe Acrobat).

12) Open source

It is available together with the source code, which allows you to make certain changes to it, while you can add various free and paid features, which will only improve the current application and contribute to its greater popularity among its users (Moodle and Apache).

13) Closed source

Includes most of the software that is installed on each computer. For its use, you must pay a certain amount of money (it is intellectual property), the term of its use is limited to certain time frames (in most cases, this period is equal to 1 – 3 years).

Development of Custom Software

Application software is developing at a rapid pace and this pace will only increase. This is due to the fact that the majority of people switch to mobile devices. Limited in memory, power, and buttery consumption, these devices demand the operation to be smooth and convenient even via small screens. These rates will only increase, due to the overall global computerization.

There is a constantly growing demand for creating and improving various applications that will be adapted for different businesses and answer the everchanging user expectation about better solutions to their needs.

If you need professional support in the design and development of your custom software, request professional support. Advanced companies can guaranty a flawless process of realization your wishes, providing secure, reliable, and flexible software solutions, designed to your business demands.

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