Ten Steps to Evaluate ERP Software

Every organization must choose the best ERP software that understands your business needs. There are various ERP solution vendors in the market, and everyone claims to be the best. When you look for a software solution, you will need to have a strategic action plan to select the best vendor.  

We have culled out ten crucial steps when you want to evaluate the Best ERP software that suits your business need: 

Understand Why and the scope: 

It is vital to understand how the ERP software features will suit your business needs. Answer to the following questions will help understand why and the scope: 

What is obsolete about your current system? 

What are the reasons for you to consider a new ERP software? 

Which processes do you want to automate with ERP? 

What is the potential area of improvement in your company? 

What other software do you want to integrate with ERP? 

Vertical experience: 

Another crucial step that will help to evaluate the best ERP System is to understand which ERP is used most in your vertical and provide timely business decisions. Because; there are software solutions that work effectively in only specific industries like manufacturing and distribution. 


Finance is a double-sided sword for business owners; that is why it is crucial to align your needs within your budgets. 

Growth of ERP vendor: 

The growth of ERP vendors helps to evaluate the product. These questions will help to understand the growth: 

When was the enterprise resource planning software launched, and what is their upcoming plan for expansion? 

How much does the ERP vendor invest in research and development? 

How much is their active customer base, and how well are they doing in the market? 

Step by step project deployment analysis: 

It is essential to understand whether it is the right time for your business to install the top ERP software. Implementation methodology also plays a crucial role in the success rate; that is why you should have a step-by-step approach and analyze the results. 

Tech integrations: 

The enterprise resource planning software should have the latest technology integrated; these features include: 

Analytical reporting tools. 

Simple UI and UX. 

Artificial and business intelligence. 

Data security. 

Reliable software. 

Seamless integrations with other software. 

Easily customizable. 


Implementation of ERP software will have a little risk; it is crucial to choose the solution that understands your needs. You can evaluate the software which has zero or minimum threats for your business process.  

Evaluate the scalability: 

Your business and technology will grow with time; scalability is a vital parameter to evaluate the software. You should have a clear understanding of your upcoming plans include growth, new mergers, and customer base, and the option you select must be scalable.  


Reviews help you evaluate the software vendor so check for the vendor who has references from your industry or has similar needs. You can check with these references and gauge the performance; of the ERP software and how it is helping them.  

Calculate the ROI: 

Implementation of the ERP software will need investment; that is why it is crucial to ROI plays a vital role. It is essential to calculate the ROI in coming years to understand the monetary benefits of the investment.  


Implementation of the enterprise resource planning software has various benefits and a few risks as well. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the ERP software vendor in every aspect; the above steps will help check the credibility.

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