14 Ways to Gain More YouTube Views

 YouTube is one of the fastest-growing software available today. The platform has more than 122 million active users every day – making it the second most widely used platform today.

 For both creators and viewers, YouTube offers some unique benefits. If you enjoy passing the time by watching videos, your selection is limitless. For businesses and creators, the opportunities are vast to promote brand sales and sell products.

 YouTube is an excellent chance for creators to take their marketing to the next level. Views can skyrocket, and the advertising opportunities the YouTube platform presents are enormous. If you market it well, you can launch a product or song and have it reach millions of viewers in less than a day. The key comes down to the number of views you get – the more, the better.

 Views are crucial to any YouTube channel. Views are the number of times your video has been watched. The more views you have, the better your reach is, the more people the algorithm will recommend the video to. In all, views are vital.

 Financially, views help your account grow in popularity. The number of views you receive also plays a direct role in how much money you receive from your video as compensation. To take home the best profit, you want to boost your views and reach a large audience.

 Let’s look at ways on how to get more views on YouTube channels and turn it into a business.

How to Get YouTube Views? 

1. Know What Your Audience Wants

 To increase your YouTube views and gain status across the platform, you should start off by looking at your audience. If you can focus on your general audience and pay attention to the videos that you enjoy most, you can cater to that.

 After narrowing down what your spectators want, you can produce more of that fantastic content. Your views will increase as they continue to watch your videos over time, and slowly but surely, you’ll see your account grow. 

2. Make Use of Keyword Rich Titles

 This is the best way to crack the YouTube algorithm. To have your videos stand out in the search results, you need to use the words that are searched most often. These are keywords, and they’ll help searchers on the platform come across your content.

Great titles will also entice more users to click on your videos when they come across them. A title that can’t be resisted is sure to attract someone’s attention.

3. No Matter What, Content is Crucial

Above all, ensure that every video you produce is your top work. Don’t put out videos that seem rushed or lack excitement. This will only cause you to lose viewers over time.

 Remember that content is the most critical factor of every YouTube channel. No matter how else you focus on getting views, poor content won’t attract viewers. Give your best content every time you post a video and watch how the views naturally flow in.

4. Create Unique and Attractive Thumbnails

 Thumbnails are the first thing your viewers see. If they are boring and bland, they won’t catch anyone’s attention, and your videos will be scrolled past. If you can make them exciting and bright, users are going to click to see what the video holds.

 Attractive thumbnails are the best way to gain more YouTube views. Naturally increase your views by pulling in users with your outstanding graphics that show what your video consists of.

5 .Giver Proper End Screens, Cards, and Tags

 Cards and end screens are going to give your users a call-to-action to subscribe to your channel or like your video. These are going to help boost your momentum and spread your account across the YouTube algorithm.

 Using attractive end screens that catch users’ attention is an easy way to get more views on your next video. Practice making them appealing and clear to give your audience one final action after watching.

6. Compel Your Audience to Subscribe

 YouTube subscriptions are the best way to grow your account and therefore get more views. If you can gain subscribers, the algorithm will recommend your videos to other users.

 This way, more people will see your content show up on their recommended page. Now you will get more views because other users love what you post. Subscribers are a clear indication of how well your account is doing, so focusing on increasing them will boost your YouTube popularity. 

7. Increase Your Watch Time

Increasing your watch time allows the analytics of your views to be boosted. The longer people watch your video, the better your watch time is. Short watch times will affect how well your video is promoted through the YouTube algorithm.

 Increasing your watch time means you have to pay attention to what your viewers like and see when they normally leave. You can adjust accordingly to make sure they want to stay longer.

8. Create Eye-catching Playlists and Titles

 Playlists are a YouTube function where artists can put similar videos under one heading, so users can easily find them all in one place. This is a great way to catch attention and convince your audience to watch two or three videos at a time.

 Playlists that attract a specific audience and titles that can’t be resisted will help you boost your views. This means you need to know your audience and use what attracts them to your advantage! 

9. Interact with Viewers

 Give your audience a positive reaction by interacting with them. Speaking to them or talking on live streams allows them to resonate with you and gives your fanbase a community feel.

 The more attached your viewers feel to you and your videos, the more likely they are to come back again to the next post. This sense of community will increase your views over time, so get to know your followers! 

10. Make Use of the YouTube Community

 Make use of the community to learn tips and tricks that will help you build your account. You can reach out to other creators to see what worked for them and find out how other creators broadcast their posts.

 Who else better to learn from than the professionals themselves? Reach out to creators and see what works for them so you can use it to better yourself.

11. Promote Your Account on Other Platforms

 Promoting your YouTube account on other social media is another great way to gain more YouTube views. You can use your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and much more to drive traffic to your page.

The more users reach your YouTube account, the more likely some of them are to pick a video to watch. Hence, to get views, you have to start by just having an enticing page. This also means you need to have attractive and eye-catching thumbnails so when users do check out your page, they like what they see.

12. Encourage Viewers to Share Your Content

By encouraging your viewers to share your content, you’ll get more eyes on your page, and more people will enjoy what you post. Sharing means more people scroll through your content, and if you post well, some of them are sure to like what they see.

 This can be done during your end screen, where you give users a call to action. Just asking them to subscribe and share could help you get a boost in views on the next video you post.

 13. Optimize Your Channel Through SEO

 Optimizing your channel through search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword use is an efficient way to use the algorithm to your advantage. By posting content that has a keyword-heavy meta-description, more users are likely to come across your videos after a quick search on the internet.

 SEO is an easy way to rank your videos high on the search engine. If you take the time to learn, you can find ways to increase searchability, which will get you more views in the long run.

 14. Buy YouTube Views

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 One of the most trusted sellers of YouTube views, Media Mister, is a safe and reliable way to purchase views. The views will organically bump your account up in the algorithm.

 Media Mister has delivered millions of views, and the customers are proof! You can get loads of views for an affordable price.


 These techniques are the easiest and most efficient ways to increase your YouTube views. Increasing your views will boost your channel’s reach and will get your page multiplying account quickly and you’ll see all the great effects.

Guest article written by: Johny Walker is a Social Media Expert and Web Traffic Consultant for over 10 years. In 2012 he launched Media Mister, a Social Media Marketing Company which is helping businesses to get social presence at an affordable price. Follow Johny walker on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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