Ways to give an original flower bouquet

by Calvin on December 7, 2021

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To please your beloved can be different things, but a beautiful bouquet is an easiest and most pleasant option, which will be remembered and bring positive emotions. And if you unusually present flowers, the delight will be even more. Today we will tell you about the most unusual ways to present a charming bouquet to your beloved.

Only stars are above us

One morning you knock on the window of your chosen one to give her a bouquet, even if she does not live on the first floor. Many companies offer such services to their customers. You can deliver flowers through the window with the help of “mechanical hand” or special equipment for industrial alpinism. The happiest emotions are assured!

If you are not confident in your abilities, find a special courier.

A little helium and lots of smiles

Suitable if your chosen one lives not higher than 2-3 floors and there is no wind in the street. Tie a bouquet to several balloons filled with helium. Using a long rope: Flowers should “hang” near the window or the balcony of the apartment where your beloved lives. On the phone, ask her to be a lookout. Do not force the girl to “catch” the bouquet, if she is afraid of heights or you cannot bring it to the window at a safe distance, it is better to lower it down and hand it yourself.

A prince on a white horse

You can find a horse for the walk-in in any city, as well as a prince costume. However, it is not necessary to change clothes; your appearance on horseback and with a beautiful bouquet will be remembered by the girl for a lifetime.

Ice rose for the Snow Queen

For this method, you will have to do a little work. Take a large rose and place it in the cold. A balcony on a frosty day will work well, set the flower upright. Spray the rose from time to time with a sprayer, the ice will build up in thin layers and the rose will become a piece of art. Even the coldest lady will appreciate such an unusual flower.

Speaking the language of flowers

Present a bouquet of a variety of flowers, and then offer to figure out their symbolism together. You can prepare your chart with the deciphering of each flower presented, making a real romantic story or a passionate confession.

Originality in form

Many flower stores offer bouquets in the shape of toys or flower cards – it is unusual and brings a smile. You can assemble a floral kitten or bear cub on your own, too, if you have the time and desire. But still, it’s better to entrust flower gift to professionals!

Shopping with a surprise

If you already have an established family life and surprises have become rare, use a family outing to the store for an original gift. While your beloved wanders through the supermarket, excused to “look at the iron”, buy a bouquet and put it in a storage box. Before leaving the store, ask her to open the locker and take out the “iron” that you allegedly bought.

Talents and admirers

Any girl likes increased attention. Send your beloved once a week to the office with a basket of flowers or a single but gorgeous rose with a nice note that will have a confession but no signature. Let the staff of her organization think that these flowers are sent by a secret admirer. You can use phrases known only to the two of you in the text, make a date. So you’re sure to surprise your chosen one and win her heart.


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