6 Reasons Why Bloggers Are Not Making Money


Making money from blogging is a great revenue option for bloggers, but only if their roadmap is correct and appropriate as per their blog. Everyone has now moved to the blog to make money out of it. However, everyone is not able to achieve the same result or even get near to their goals.

Monetizing from blogs needs proper planning and execution, depending on the type of blog you write. Each technique may not be meant for every kind of blog. So, stop following your ancestral blogs and start focusing on yours. Creating a source of money is difficult, but keeping it running is much more difficult. Therefore, to help you realize where you’re going wrong in making money from your blog, read the reasons explained below. Even famous entrepreneurs had committed one or more of the following reasons before they became famous. 

5 Major Reasons That Are Stopping Bloggers From Making Money        

1. Principally, blogging is about you and not your blog: 

You, as a blogger, must make a note in your mind that your blog is a reflection of your value and knowledge. Your blog is known by your name and does not have a separate identity of its own. 

Blogs do not make money by themselves. It is the bloggers who use blogs as a medium to generate income. For bloggers, blogs are a mere tool where they write and publish their content, generating money. If you cannot effectively use your blog as a tool, you will struggle to monetize from it.  

2. Absence of a marketplace: 

The income that your blog generates comes from a marketplace. So, to earn higher income from your blog, you have to expand your marketplace and make it bigger. Your blog must have many followers or active users who read, comment and share your blog’s content. 

To generate more organic traffic to your blog, correct SEO techniques from the beginning when your blog’s under the growing phase. It would help if you also expanded your marketplace in the initial stages by creating a list, building a never-ending chain of followers on social media handles, networking and connecting with other witty bloggers, and more such techniques.

You must look for sponsored posts for your blog to create and publish content in collaboration with an established blogger with a huge follower base.

3. Promoting a product in which you do not have any experience is wrong: 

If affiliate marketing is the reason behind your blogging, you must only stick to promoting/marketing those products you have a good knowledge of and can convince the reader to buy after reading your blog post. I am saying this because while promoting such products/services, you can share your own experience and results with the readers and make it a 100% genuine promotion. 

If you market a commodity that you haven’t used before and have less than sufficient knowledge about the same, your blog post will sound low on confidence and uncertain. Remember, if people like what you do, they will be more than interested to learn how you do it. And, answering this question of your readers with an ingenuine answer will adversely affect you. But, if you show them the accurate picture by sharing your own experiences, you will end up earning more.      

4. Focusing on incorrect models will lead you to a wrong path: 

A newly launched blog with SEO-oriented sponsored posts may not give the success that an older blog may generate. Several advertisers support content on other websites only to get backlinks and a good link equity score. Of all the matrices, such advertisers mainly focus on the Domain Authority (DA). 

The general rule is that the greater your site’s DA, the greater the SEO value of the link from the website. So, a new website may have a DA ranging between scale 1-10. With such a low DA score, the chances of such new websites to earn from SEO-sponsored posts are significantly less. 

Therefore, you must try out other models that would work the most to monetize your blog and focus your energy on what could give you the best results.   

5. Focusing on money and neglecting your audience is a crime: 

Thinking about money 24×7 will not help you make money 24×7. Instead, you must think of different ways to work on your blog that will help you earn more money. 

As a blogger, explicit knowledge about your target audience and demographics is a must if you want to make a steady income from your blog. Instead of posting content regularly, you should conduct surveys or quizzes to help you know more about your audiences and their likes/dislikes.

You can use Google Analytics to analyze your traffic stats and optimize your blog accordingly. Instead of directly selling, try to present your thing as a solution, which will benefit them if they use it. For the paid solutions, when your reader clicks on the link, you end up being paid.   

6. Maybe there are limitations in your monetization technique: 

Several new bloggers start their blogging journey using basic blog monetization methods, viz PropellerAds, Google AdSense, and so on. These techniques are good, to begin with, but have one minor issue: they require the blogger to have a significant amount of traffic to your blog. This condition is quite difficult for a new blogger. 

However, this is not the end. You can use other modern methods, such as affiliate marketing, online courses, and more. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to have a lot of content. At the same time, you can sell your content as a course and make handsome money every time you sell.

Final Take

Making money through blogging is not that difficult. You only need to set your approach right and choose wisely from the available techniques to deliver the best result for your blog. There is no guarantee that a method that has worked for others will also work for you. The above reasons are site123 reviews verified.

Guest article written by: Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online. He shares his journey, insights, and experiences at socialmediamagazine.org  & searchenginemagazine.com If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.  

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