Three AI Tools That Can Change Your Marketing Strategy 

“Artificial intelligence” or “AI” is a term that has been tossed around like a buzzword pretty much since its popularization in the 1950s, when Alan Turing conducted the “Turing Test” to determine if a computer can hold a conversation with a human, without the human knowing that they are speaking to a human. 

Since then, there have been many innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and its many related fields, like machine learning, yet the actual meaning of the concept is still unknown by many people. However, people tend to interact with AI on a near-daily basis, one of the most prevalent examples of AI in everyday life being Apple’s Siri, which listens to user input to find solutions. 

This, basically, is what AI exists to do: Find solutions. A working definition of artificial intelligence would be “the development of computers that can reason their way, without human help, to solution-bringing actions.” 

Though sci-fi movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey have made many people think of AI as a threat to the human race, the fact of the matter is that much of the innovations in the field of AI exist to benefit the human race, rather than threaten it. More often than not, efforts in AI development are directed towards benefitting businesses. 

This information may be interesting to your average person, but for a business owner it can be crucial. Whether you are an average person wanting to know more about AI or a business owner searching for AI-assisted marketing solutions that can up your SEO game, read on to learn about three AI tools that can help businesses perfect their marketing strategies. 

Conversational Computing 

The mid-twentieth century Turing Test and Siri were mentioned at the beginning of this article, and both are examples of conversational computing: Training AI agents to competently hold a conversation with human beings. 

This involves something called Natural Language Processing (NLP), where agents are trained to become proficient speakers in “natural” languages like English or Spanish. 

Though Siri has gained the megacorporation Apple a good deal of customers, even a small business owner can benefit from conversational computing. 

If you’ve ever been on a company’s website, you’ve likely noticed in one of the corners (typically the lower right corner), a little box you can click to “chat” with a team member or ask questions. 

Many of these little boxes are conversational computing platforms that run 24/7, automated chatbots that are designed for answering customer questions and providing help at any time of day. For a business owner, this can be huge, as having an automated chatbot that is trained to answer questions most frequently asked by your customers, along with answering questions that can relate to any service or product that you offer, can be huge for gaining and maintaining customers. 

Persona Modeling

Persona modeling is a process that involves an AI agent analyzing data on your customers from both internal (e.g. company records) and external sources (e.g. social media platforms where your customers may post). 

What the agent does after analysis is divide your customer base into multiple segments based on key data relating to, say, how frequently they spend money on your products or services. 

Another aspect of persona modeling is gaining “cognitive insights” into your customers, where certain “models” will be created that accurately reflect the different types of people in your customer base. What type of music do your customers like? What makes them angry? Which color do they like better, purple or orange? 

Those may seem like arbitrary questions at first glance, but they can be incredibly helpful when designing a new marketing campaign, ranging from subtle design choices like the music in a video ad to the inclusion or exclusion of certain words in a print ad. The more you know about your customer, the easier it is to reach out to them. 

Creative Insurance

Speaking of marketing campaigns, AI agents can help give your campaigns “creative insurance.” By drawing on insights unique to your customer base along with broader market research, an AI agent will be able to analyze a visual or text ad for elements that are most likely to stand out to customers, even going so far as to tell you the order in which customers will notice the many elements in your ad.

An AI creative insurance tool will give you advice such as color changes, word removals or additions, logo repositioning, and other such tips, all based on observed data from across your customer base. 

Hopefully this article helped you learn a thing or three about AI, especially if you are a business owner looking to up your marketing strategy. AI tools can be a proven asset to any company, something you can find out for yourself if you implement any of these AI tools into your company. 

Guest article written by: Connor Rafferty is a technical writer at Guardian Owl Digital, a digital marketing company based in Louisville, Kentucky that serves a diverse array of clients across the nation. Among SEO and other marketing services, Guardian Owl also offers a variety of AI services, including the three mentioned in this article. 

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