3 Dreadful Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Search Engine Ranking

by Guest Author on July 24, 2021

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Unarguably, search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most effective online marketing techniques that can help businesses boost brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate sales. Many businesses are already using this cost-effective online marketing technique to get themselves ranked on the top of search engine result pages. If performed strategically, SEO improves the searchability and visibility of your website on the web.

According to a recent survey report, more than 1.7 billion websites are active on the internet. However, this number keeps on fluctuating as many new websites are created and launched every day. In today’s extremely competitive business landscape, getting your website ranked on the top of search engine results can be a daunting task but, a goal-crushing SEO strategy can help you reap desired results. 

Clearly, there is so much information about SEO on the internet, so you can learn different SEO techniques to shine your business on the web. Sadly, some of them can get you penalized as well. The implementation of harmful SEO techniques leads you to negative repercussions and may destroy your search engine rankings too. So, it’s imperative to choose and implement SEO techniques wisely.

Let’s dive into 3 dreadful SEO mistakes that can ruin your search engine rankings:

Mistake #1: You Are Not Using The Right Keywords

Keywords play an important role in the process of SEO. Today, every business wants to get ranked on the top of search engine results. Well, choosing the right keywords is the first step that can help you achieve desired results for your business. 

People usually ignore the power of keywords! Well, you need to understand that not all keywords bring success to your business. In fact, optimizing your website for the wrong keywords not only wastes your efforts but also negatively affects online reputation of your business. If you want to get real results from SEO, then you need to optimize your website for the right keywords.

Mistake #2: Your Website Have Too Many 404 Errors

Assume yourself as a user searching for an “affordable sofa set” on a search engine. You decide to visit a website, and that leads you to “Error 404”!

Isn’t it disappointing for you?

404 errors lead to a poor user experience that can ruin the online presence of your business. Certainly, Google has started normalizing broken links or 404 errors but too many 404 errors can have a negative impact on the search engine ranking of your website.

Thus, it’s imperative to find out broken links in your website and fix them!

Mistake #3: You Are Not Using Anchor Texts For Internal Linking

Anchor texts are not only important to users but to search engines as well. In fact, it is one of the most important search engine ranking factors. Not using anchor text in your website is considered as a poor SEO practice. You can use anchor texts like “read more”, “contact us”, or “visit here” on your website. However, using too many anchor texts can penalize your website and hurt your valuable search engine rankings too. 

Therefore, use them wisely!

In The Nutshell

SEO is quite challenging nowadays, and the outcomes of not getting it right can be dreadful. However, avoiding mistakes and implementing the right strategies can help you get incredible results for your business. If you don’t keep an eye on the things that can devastate the search engine rankings of your website, then all your SEO efforts will go in vain. Always remember that a single mistake can hurt your website’s performance badly.

Guest article written by: Sachin Agrawal is an Enterprise Architect and heads up Business & Technology at Tarika Technologies. He carries expertise and a flair for writing on Management Consulting, Software & Analytics and Digital Media. Apart from distilling his technical ideas into creating innovative solutions, he is a practitioner of Haidong Gumdo and at his leisure, taps the Cajon and strums his Guitar! You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Johnson Ndubuisi July 24, 2021 at 15:02

Very informative article. I’ve made a few of this mistakes and it really hurt my search engine ranking. But now i know better.

Thanks for this piece.


Prem July 25, 2021 at 17:38

thank you so much, for providing very valuable information really i appreciate you!



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