Everything About Google Flutter 2 for Mobile App Development

Flutter is one of the leading cross-platform mobile app development technologies that has garnered huge traction in recent years and achieved traction from as many as 2 million users worldwide. Flutter emerged as the single answer to all kinds of app projects supporting almost all mobile platforms, desktop platforms, and the web. Launched in 2017 by Google, Flutter almost came full circle, garnering immense popularity and traction all over the globe.

Google last March came with Flutter 2.0, the latest upgrade to the original and first Flutter version. This Flutter version offers several new features. With this Flutter version, the transition from mobile apps to all other platforms is likely to be smoother than ever before. Before you hire Flutter app developers in India, knowing the latest Flutter 2 framework version is extremely important. 

Here we are going to explain all the new offerings of Flutter 2.0, one by one. 

Better Web Support

This time Flutter ensured far enhanced web support by allowing easier rendering through CanvasKit in addition to regular HTML renderer. While the web or hybrid app takes help from the HTML renderer while being opened with a mobile browser, the CanvasKit rendering will make things easier for rendering on desktop browsers. This rendering is likely to improve performance. 

Robust Null Safety

This value addition has come as part of the update of the Dart programming language of Flutter. This will make Flutter 2 more modern and well equipped than the mobile app development technologies of yesteryears.

Flutter Version for Desktop

Flutter 2 came with a stand-alone and new version for desktop apps. Several enhancements such as native text editing across all desktop platforms, faster and more responsive text inputs and a lot of innovative scrolling interactions make this new Flutter version for desktop. 

Adaptable Apps for All Platforms

Adaptability across multiple platforms is the key value proposition of Flutter 2. It also offers a demo app called Flutter Folio for multiple platforms to showcase how this new adaptability across platforms work. Demonstrates how it works. Folio offers a really attractive look, feel and user experience across screens of multiple sizes, which is exactly the objective of new adaptability brought by Flutter 2.

Beta Version of Google Mobile Ads 

Google Mobile Ads SDK is now available for Flutter. This new plugin will help incorporate inline banner and native ads into apps apart from existing overlay ads.  

Enhanced iOS Features

Flutter 2 has also come with several new iOS features. For example, a new CupertinoSearchTextField is creating an iOS search interface. Several widgets such as CupertinoFormSection, CupertinoFormRow, and CupertinoTextFormFieldRow produce different form fields adhering to the typical iOS-specific look and feel.  

There are also some performance enhancements afoot, and according to the Flutter core team, researches are going on to enhance Flutter app performance on the iOS platform. 

Enhanced Portability

One of the primary objectives of Flutter 2.0 was to extend the portability of Flutter technology to allow better adaptation across multiple platforms. The portability of the new Flutter apps is obvious through special support for foldable Android smartphones and infotainment systems. With these new extended functions Flutter, 2 appears as more capable and robust as a technology.  

  • Foldable Android Devices: Flutter support is also being offered by Microsoft. Instead of sticking to only existing premium level Windows support in Flutter, there will be new support for foldable Android devices. The new Flutter 2 foldable device support will ensure leveraging dual-screen, side-by-side view.


  • Infotainment Systems: For a more robust digital experience in vehicles Flutter 2 will support apps for modern infotainment systems as well. Toyota already announced plans to incorporate infotainment systems powered by Flutter for its cars. 

Adding Flutter to Existing Apps 

App developers from now on can add Flutter to the existing apps. This new Add-to-App feature launched by Google offers great reusability of code across both iOS and Android platforms. The APIs for the purpose are already listed on Flutter. dev and they are still undergoing beta testing.

Flutter Fix

Flutter Fix is another key value addition to the new Flutter framework and offers fixes to several key requirements. Some of the key fixes to issues offered by this include several easy-to-access fixes that come with Flutter SDK, separate command-line for Dart Fix, latest and updated extensions from Flutter for Android Studio IDE, VS Code, and IntelliJ. 

Flutter DevTools

Finally, Flutter came with a robust repository of development tools named Flutter DevTools. It is a tool used extensively for debugging the Flutter apps. Though the tool was already there, it has been worked upon to ensure optimum quality that perfectly matches Flutter 2.

There are some enhancements and new features that are worth mentioning. It boasts of the great capability to support Android Studio, IntelliJ, or Visual Studio Code. Their tool comes as a common and versatile debugging mechanism or multiple platforms. It is also more capable of dealing with the exceptions in an efficient manner.


Flutter for years has garnered unmatched popularity and traction across all sorts of tech projects. Flutter 2 offering a lot more enhancements and extensions is likely to transform the Flutter development experience. The biggest value proposition of Flutter 2 is its awesome flexibility for all platforms. Flutter 2 is all set to put Flutter at a disadvantage. The baton that kept Flutter raging past many other frameworks is finally passed on to Flutter 2. It deserves a grand welcome from app developers

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