Appointment Management made easy using a Salon Software

Appointments are the heart & soul of a salon business. For your salon to take off, you need to have a consistent number of appointments or bookings every day. There is also a constant need to make the most of the time available by automating day-to-day routine tasks of the salon business.

Taking the appointment booking process online can be extremely beneficial for both Salon and their clients. Business owners have to consider it as their foremost priority. Using a  salon software not only helps in managing your salon’s appointments but also boosts the revenue for a salon.

Here are some points that prove a salon appointment booking software is inevitable for your business by automating your operational tasks and increasing appointments at the same time.

  1. 24/7 Bookings, anytime & anywhere: Let your clients book at their own time and don’t just restrict them to book during business hours. Keep your digital reception open round the clock. Do you know that almost 50% of appointment bookings are made during non-business hours? Enable online booking in your salon software and encourage your clients to book appointments at their ease.
  2. Prevents double bookings: Sometimes, a salon receptionist might forget to write down a client’s appointment, and end up taking another one’s at the same time. With a salon software, appointments are managed seamlessly thus preventing over bookings and giving no room to any kind of human error.
  3. Less administration time: More time saved using salon appointment scheduling software and let the staff focus on productive tasks other than just answering calls. 
  4. Send Appointment SMS & Email reminders: With MioSalon, appointment reminders can be configured and sent automatically via SMS or email and even via google calendar notifications every step of the way. 
  5. Expands your presence: Your clients can book appointments through Facebook pages, Google business page or via online booking URL. Get client’s mobile numbers during appointment booking and use them to tailor their personalized marketing messages.
  6. Increased profitability: When you offer practicality and ease in the appointment booking process, more clients will want to visit your salon which leads to more bookings, more customer loyalty and business growth. Study also shows that clients tend to spend more when they book appointments via online.
  7. Color coded calendar: Customized color, fonts and buttons to match your brand.You can select any one of the 4 appointment status; Arrived, Started, No show, Completed and the color of the appointment changes. It is much easier for staff to glance through the appointments. 
  8. Gets updated in Real Time: The appointment calendar updates in real-time allowing your employees to view their upcoming schedule when they log-in.
  9. Reduces no shows: Send automated sms and email notifications to your clients to reduce no show rate by upto 40%

Managing & automating your appointment scheduling process increases your business efficiency like never before.

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Guest article written by: Vishal P.

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  1. Very interesting post presented here. I don’t work with salon, but it”s interesting to read about different business strategies


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