Do Brands Need to Create an Addiction towards Your Brand?

“Shopping Addiction”, well, no one wants to operate that way. Like any other addiction, an addiction to shopping is equally bad, and many people who are victims of it seek professional help to get rid of it. But then, why would a brand want to get their customers addicted to shopping?

Yes, that’s right! But that’s not really how it seems! Brands get engaged in all kinds of strategies like sales, discounts, offers, rewards, etc. They even have dedicated loyalty program management to have customers shop more often with them, so much as they’re almost addicted to shopping.

It’s not that brands want to create a real addiction that’s going to harm your finances. The fact is brands want their customers to stick to them, so they need to create customer engagement. The more the customers engage, the more sales that the brands make. So, more than getting customers addicted, brands aim to keep their customers loyal. Now the question is, how do they make that happen?

Here are five tactics that major brands follow to achieve their marketing goals and sales targets and have their customers addicted to shopping with them.

How do Brands Get Customers Addicted to Shopping?

Getting your customers addicted to your brands is only a matter of providing them exactly what they need. So, it all comes down to the marketing strategies that the brands follow after extensive customer and market research.

Brands have dedicated research teams that check analytics, study customer behavior, and forward the most speculated consumer needs and requirements to the marketing and sales team. With that research, start the marketing tactics that efficiently engage the customers to the brand.

Here are the tactics that the brands follow:

  • Sales, Discounts, and Offers

Well, that’s the oldest marketing and sales strategy, and it’s there to stay. Brands keep coming with sales, discounts, and offers, and the way they’re put up is constantly evolving.

Earlier the sales and discounts were limited only to a percentage off on the MRP of the products. However, now, brands come with offers like combos, BUY 2 GET 1 FREE, and a lot more. The results are that the customers are more attracted towards making a purchase.

The idea of such huge discounts on the merchandise and products and the luxury of getting more things for a lesser price appeals to the customers and surely works for getting them addicted to your brand.

  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have been in the picture for as long as we know, and these are a great way to keep the customers stuck to your brand. Loyalty programs are created to make the customers feel special through more attention, offers, rewards, and incentives.

As the customers become a part of such programs, they know they’ll get better deals than they could from any other brand. This makes them stay loyal to the brand and keep engaging with them. The brands are, in turn, able to make more sales and skyrocket their profits.

Not only do loyalty programs help get customers addicted to the brand, but they’re even great to boost customer retention rates and build better customer relationships. So, it’s great to have a perfect loyalty management platform like LoyaltyXpert in place for management to keep coming with lucrative offers, rewards, and incentives and have customers stay true and loyal to your brand.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing is a brilliant marketing tactic to get higher engagements and conversions from prospective as well as existing customers. Brands send cold emails to prospective customers to get them on board. Similarly, they share offer mails and other lead nurturing emails to the existing customers to make them shop more often.

Since the customers constantly get informed about the offers and discounts running in their favorite stores and brands, they are more inclined to check those out and make a purchase. The more consistent brands are with their email campaigns, the more they engage the customers, ultimately becoming addicted to shopping.

  • Advertisements

Advertisements are yet another tactic to have the customers addicted to shopping. Once brands roll out their offers and discounts, they want to spread the word. Advertisements help with that.

Be it traditional full-page newspaper advertisements, hoardings, or advertisements over digital media, brands are thoroughly investing in them, and the investments are always worth it. With attractive ads, brands easily engage their customers and get them addicted to shopping.

  • Leveraging Social Media

Social Media is everywhere. People start and end their day by looking through their social media profiles. In that scenario, leveraging the power of social media can do wonders. Brands did crack that, and they’re efficiently using social media to bring in higher engagement and conversions.

By creating a good social media presence, brands can easily garner the attention of their customers. Customers are inclined towards making more purchases seeing the offers on social media pages and easily get addicted to the brand.


Brands never intend to get the customers addicted to shopping with them in a way that could turn out to be harmful. However, they do want the customers to engage and shop with them. So, the only way is to get them addicted to their brand through strategies like sales, offers, discounts, marketing, loyalty program management, etc.

All the above-mentioned tactics are proven to help brands increase their sales and profitability and build strong customer relationships.

Do you, as a brand, follow these tactics well?

Guest article written by: Rakshit Hirapara is a professional content marketer at LoyaltyXpert. He holds spectacular skills in loyalty programs, customer retention, loyalty marketing, digital marketing and many more. He has been featured on major publications like Hyken,, and a few more. Connect with him on Twitter here and connect on LinkedIn.

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