Major key metrics for App health and how to measure it


After designing the app of your company, the work does not end here. You have to check the health of the app so that the app remains in good condition. Whether your users love the app, whether they are engaging on the app. 

You must check the bug and fix it. User engagement is something that keeps the app going. It means that the user is showing emotional, behavioural, and cognitive connections with the app. You must take help from the android application development company to check the app’s health. The service expert knows the measures to keep the app’s health in check. 

Here is the list of measures to keep the metrics of app health on point:

1. Users are God

You are making the app for the users who can turn into potential customers. Right? So, you have to take into consideration both new and old users. You must keep track of the app users in two segments active users and one-time users. Accordingly, you can form the engagement structure and make it useful for the users. 

2.Length of Session

Session means when the app is open and when it closes. The time frame is the session. It defines that the users are spending the required time in the app. If the average is about five minutes, then encourage and provide some interesting features that make them stay a little longer in the app. 

3.Interval Session

The first session and the next time the user is opening the app is the interval session. It defines the retention of the app. It makes sure that how frequently the user opens the app. It gives you an average idea that you can improve and optimize users’ experience in the app. 

4.App Time-In

 It tracks the user time in the app altogether, i.e., when the app was in use and how the engagement process in the app itself. It gives an idea of the trend and patterns of the users. 


It represents the users’ number in the download and the app’s installation process from a specific location. It can be from word of mouth, ad, organic search, and referrals in the in-ap. 

6.Flow of Screen

The exit of the screen tracks under-screen flow. It defines the total screen time, and you can even track the app screening and users’ navigation process.


Users’ percentage of the users matters when they return to check the app. That is when you consider retention: the more retention, the more of the app. So, you must check the retention rate and work on the app accordingly to improve its health. 

8.Lifetime Value

It is a revenue metric that you are earning from the app. You can consider both the monthly or yearly value of finance you receive from the app through the user’s engagement. It even describes the monetary value of the app.


Now that you know how you have to check the metrics to keep the app in healthy condition, you can look for android application development services from a reputed provider to give you the best assistance on your need. 

Guest article written by: Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., specializing in Web & Mobile App Development and providing digital solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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