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by Guest Author on January 11, 2021

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Today, the spread of Covid-19 put a drastic change in life. People get locked in houses, offices shut, empty roads, and above all socializing becomes a nightmare. This was not a hard time for individuals only, but for businesses too. Many small scale businesses shut down during the pandemic that did not change their platform. Whereas many of them are able to flourish their businesses while moving from offline to online shopping mode.

During this time, one platform that most flourished is app development. Whether it is an educational institute, e-commerce, e-payments, teleworking, or more, they built their brand mobile apps and took advantage of changing technology.  

Let’s know some of the industries that took advantage of changing technology. If you too plan to develop your business, what you need to know about app development. 

1. E-commerce

Even the government allows the opening of shopping complexes and malls. Still, the fear of COVID-19 is affecting people. Therefore, most retailers are following Zero-contact norms with mobile apps. You can see the biggest example of contactless delivery at Domino where you need to place orders through a mobile app. There are many other e-commerce stores that lessen the chances of contamination by ensuring safety norms.

2. Educationals Institutes

A clear picture of online schools and colleges can be seen in every part of the world. As the pandemic starts affecting life, schools move to online platforms for conducting classes. Students also share their assignments through various platforms such as WhatsApp, Google Classroom, and many others. Attending virtual lectures also added value for kids to upskill their learning. 

3. OTT

As it is hard to be locked in the house without any entertainment. Watching outdated content on television could be boring. Therefore, to understand the need of the target audience developers developed the OTT platform. Where users get amazing content from their stocked library. The amazing experience of web-series, unwatched movies becomes people’s great time pass activity. Looking at the high growth of OTT many film producers release their movies on OTT mobile apps.

4. Teleworking

Thanks to teleworking mobile apps that make the work from home trend possible. Employers are able to connect with staff over teleworking mobile apps. They can conduct online meetings, assign tasks, and check online work. Hence, it could be good to say, teleworking apps help businesses with an end to end support system.

5. Add Payments

During a pandemic, people hesitate to receive or pay others through cash transactions. That gives a great boost to payment mobile applications. Vendors and customers feel the contact-less experience considering health and safety factors. Moreover, apps like Whatsapp added payment mode code in their app to improve engaging time and helping a customer with additional features. Keep in mind, online payment modes are safe and reliable.

As per recently checked data on Statista, it was found that Google Play has  2.87 million apps whereas Apple is the second-largest app store with almost 1.96 million apps. 

Do you know these apps not only help your business to increase sales but also assist to bounce revenue? Wondering how? These apps help your business to grow and if you add an advertisement code in your app you can generate additional revenue for your business. Every click on ads by users pays you a certain amount of money.  

So, if you make your mind to create an app for your business. Here we have a list of few things that help you in-app creation;

6. Conduct good Research

Before going to plan a mobile application development, the first step is to conduct good research. Know what will be your purpose of the application. Take a tour of the market and ask your current customers what they will need to look for in an app. For instance, if you are in a banking business then your app must be able to handle customer’s queries and provide the ROAD, FD, or mutual fund account with just a click. You can also look at adding other easy money transfers to all utilities and other amazing features.

7. Choose Among The Top List

While developing your business app, the first thing is to look for helping apps that ensure the coding process is easy. For example, if you are creating an app on Mac, search for the best apps for developers will help you to get results that developers around the world are using. Once you get good assisting apps, you can win half of the app creation battle. Do not forget to check your category, like whether your app will for educational purposes, payment, or e-commerce. Your app outlay will be of the same type. 

8. Read Reviews

Once you have selected the app, the next step is to read the review. It will help you to give surety that you had chosen the right source for app creation or not. Try to differentiate between genuine and fake reviews. You will get a better knowledge of apps and certain issues that current users are facing. You can also choose 4-star apps for a better experience, but try to avoid under three-star apps.

9. Look at Features

Pay attention to your selected app’s features. For example, if you are going to use paid apps, check what features your app developer is offering. For how long the particular app will be valid and which mobile applications can be created with that app. Knowling in advance these features help you to save time and money. Do not forget to match your desired features in the app with helping apps.

10. Ask Around for Help

Asking for expert opinion ensures that you are not going to conduct any mistakes. For example, if you are going to create a photography app for business growth, ask your colleagues or people in a similar field for help. You can also take assistance from app developers for best practices.


Mobile apps become a need of an hour for every business. Therefore, whether you are in education, entertainment, e-commerce, or other business, your apps improve your visibility. Moreover, customers get involved with your business through the app. But, if you plan to create your business mobile application, do not forget the above steps to create a c app. 

Guest article written by: … is a technology enthusiast who loves writing about the latest technological trends and applications that’s transforming business operations. He has been working with Outreach Monks as a head of the editorial team for more than five years now. Under his guidance, the team has established the authority as an industry expert for a variety of technologies that are coming up now. 

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Aditya January 13, 2021 at 15:05

Good Content!
This is perhaps the main reason why you ought to consider making a mobile application for your business. Upgrading the openness of your items and administrations is an incredible method to naturally expand client devotion and improve your contribution. Mobile applications offer an incredible method to reward and increase the value of your clients



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