What Key Features are released with Salesforce Spring 21 Version?

by Guest Author on July 27, 2021

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Salesforce is an online CRM that operates on a cloud. It is known for its SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform. It ease the data management process and eliminates the need to maintain data separately on different excel sheets. 

Salesforce is known to release innovative updates to the platform three times each year: Spring, summer and winter. All updates are delivered automatically, making sure all customers use the same version of the platform with latest features. Updates comprise of everything ranging from features to optional functionality that end users can integrate to improve business operation & performance. 

Features of Salesforce Spring 21 Version to Implement

  1. Introduction of Salesforce Help 

Earlier new features are available at releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com but from Spring ’21 release, all updates are available at Salesforce Help. The move helps for smooth case logging, better filtering and search experiences, and guaranteed release notes for training purpose. 

  1. In-app Guidance

In-app guidance helps Salesforce Development company to configure pop-ups and walk-throughs to benefit users in training and onboarding. Prompts are integrated with images to make them more engaging. In addition, users have the liberty to keep a prompt displayed on the screen or close it. They can simply choose to snooze a prompt, instead of closing it completely.

  1. Multiple Fields Selection

Before the release of the Salesforce Spring ’2, users need to drag and drop every single field one at a time into the report outline. But with this latest release, users can select multiple fields simultaneously at once by clicking the field name(s). Then, the fields can be simply dragged and dropped within the report outline, simply adding them to the report layout.

  1. Analyze Page Performance on Mobile Device 

Pages that are sluggish in performance have a terrible impact on adoption and the overall user experience. Using Lightning App Builder performance can be analyzed to help administrators building pages with fast load times. But with the Spring ’21 release, analysis of the page can be performed on phones. This helps Salesforce application development services to design pages for remarkable performance using both form factors.

  1. Increased Character Limit

Field level feature is the fantastic way to offer users the information about a field’s purpose to support data integrity. However the ability to offer help text came with a 255 character limit. With the release of Salesforce Spring ’21 version, the character limit will be doubled to 510 characters, making it simple for administrators to offer more detailed field level assistance for both standard and custom fields.

  1. Customize No-Reply Email 

Before the release of Spring ’21, a specific email notification is sent from [email protected] To make sure email recipients get to know the relevance of email coming from a legitimate source, this email address can be modified. All has become possible with the Spring ’21 release. Admin has the liberty to customize organization-wide default no-reply email address, and simply update Support Settings within the Setup menu to share email notifications from that new system address.

Wrapping Up:

With the above mentioned innovative features of Salesforce Spring ’21 release, it is easy to say that adopting Salesforce software is a perfect idea. Many people face troubles with limitations like it having an oversimplified interface, customized tool kit can making it annoying to operate even with seasoned administrators, but these limitations are completely outshined by its merits. The advantages of Salesforce Spring 21 version are remarkable giving admin a new boost to business development.

Guest article written by: Chandan is working with a top-rated Salesforce Development Company, OrangeMantra as a senior research analyst. Having years of experience and expertise in Salesforce CRM, you can avail latest information on latest technologies. Share your comments and feedback to improve our blog. 

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