Why Do Top Tech Companies Favour React Native And You Should Too

Facebook introduced this concept of React Native in the year 2015. It has been in the software development field only for a few years but has already saved up a spot in the greatest of technology stacks. A few years back, companies spent a lot of money and time in developing applications, but presently a react native app developer can develop better and interactive applications by taking half the time and money that it took for the same applications to be developed a few years ago. This is one of the most important reasons why the company intended to choose React Native developers for their team. But there are so many other advantages that you should know about React Native.

It opens a brilliant platform for code sharing.

The react native framework is an open-source and cross-platform that was being developed to aid in the building of the best applications that are interactive, efficient, and easy to develop. The ability and brilliance in developing this platform enable a developer to develop single code that can be used to run the application in not just Android but also iOS applications. This is where code sharing plays a very important role. Now just imagine, how it will be when a single code manages both Android and iOS applications. It can be the best option and now the time to develop an application reduces by half. Not just the time but also money. A proper developer who is better in hybrid application development can complete an application eminently within weeks and run it successfully using react native mode of development. 

React Native developers are at every corner

Once there were huge demands of JavaScript developers, and many developers also learned JS to get employed sophisticatedly. But after the introduction of React Native in the market in the year 2015, the developers understood the importance and ease of using this platform. Though it was a difficult transition, people started to opt for React Native. The most important reason for this shift was the emerging importance of mobile applications. People have started to use them a lot more. So, every company wanted a mobile application that could help their clients with all the processes. This major transition in the community of people also led to a dramatic shift in the community of developers. And that is the main reason why React Native is very popular, and numerous developers are using it.

Code reusability and easy debugging

The two most important benefits that are required for performing programming operations in an easy method are by properly following standard rules that are assigned for coding. One of the most react native app development mistakes is that they forget about the standard code rules that will be making the entire process much easier for testing and debugging. React Native offers a wide variety of advantages when using this technology in developing an application. One such necessary process is the availability of code reusability. 

In an application, there might be more than one module or function that will be using the same process but different functions. So, by using OOP principles, React native allows developers to easily implement code reusability. Debugging is a process by which the mistakes and exceptions are being handled and helps in removing unwanted bugs. This is an important process that explicitly cannot be skipped while developing an application. And react-native acts as the best platform for debugging the application easily. These two are the basic features of coding that any react native development company would want to have in their platform.

Support for third-party frameworks and plugins

An application is entirely depending upon the functionality that it does and also upon the way that functionalities are being carried out. For example, there is an application that can stream songs for you. The application looks fabulous but acts too slow and retrieves data from the database very slowly. Would you prefer that application? You definitely wouldn’t. a platform that can allow third-party frameworks and plugins to be integrated provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the project and test its feasibility along with functioning in a much easier way.

Being updated

Changes have become permanent in the world that we live in. From normal model mobile phones to the up-gradation of smartphones. From the availability of 2G to 3G later 4G, which is now even being updated into 5G. Since changes have become permanent, up-gradation has also become a never-ending process. To maintain the application’s stability and match them with society, you need upgrades. Only when an application is provided with proper updates that match the taste and mindset of the people will they like the product. An application also requires updates so that more creativity and efficiency can be included in the product or application. For creating an application that can be provided with greater updates, developers are choosing React native as the platform is flexible towards updates and upgrades.

Desktop to mobile phones and vice-versa

People usually like applications that are feasible with both desktops and mobile phones. But for which the application should be implemented with the process and functions that can help with the easier transition. React Native is one such platform that is also flexible with the transition of an application from desktops to mobile phones and vice-versa. Thus, it reduces time and money because another code for the application to be used on a desktop need not be created. So, react-native serves multi-purpose, and that is why it is the favorite of many top companies.

The bottom line

So, all these are the benefits that React Native can provide for developers. And when the developers can complete an application and the process utilizing half the money and time that will be required. Which company will deny the use of such a platform? And that is why react-native has been very popular among companies and developers. A few top companies like Facebook, Instagram, boomerang, tesla, and skype use React Native due to the efficiency and benefits the platform provides.

Guest article written by: Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app & web development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

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