Best Ice Scoops for Convenient Refilling in 2022: A Buying Guide

Commercial facilities such as restaurants, corporate offices, hotels, and healthcare centers need a steady ice supply. These facilities require commercial ice machines that can produce thousands of lbs. of ice to meet their daily ice requirements. 

Ice machines must be properly maintained like any other equipment to produce pure ice for customers. Another way to prevent contaminated ice is using the right ice scoop. Using this tool will also help you avoid making a mess, especially because crushed ice melts away too quickly.  

This guide will discuss different types of ice scoops to help you buy the most suitable one and make ice collection from ice bins more convenient. 

Ice Safety 

Clean ice production is as important as food hygiene because both can cause foodborne illnesses if safety regulations are not followed. All ice produced must be handled and stored to prevent contamination. 

Some viruses and bacteria can survive in cold or freezing temperatures for long, so ice machine operators must ensure that ice doesn’t become contaminated. Ice gets contaminated by water supply, airborne particles, improper ice handling, or dirty ice tools. 

Training the staff in your commercial facility and ensuring that they follow these ice safety solutions is essential:

  • Washing hands before using the ice scoop
  • Holding the ice scoop only from its handle
  • Never scoop ice with cups or water glasses 
  • Never scoop ice with your hands 
  • Store ice scoops outside the ice machine in a clean container 
  • The ice scoop and the container holding the tool should be washed and regularly sanitized

Ice Scoop Sanitization 

To disinfect your ice scoop, saturate it in a disinfectant solution in a container. Leave it for 10 minutes, and make sure to rinse it thoroughly. After you’ve rinsed the scoop, spray a sanitizer solution onto it and let it air dry. Since the solution is meant to stay on the scoop, don’t rinse it. For best results and optimum safety, sanitize the scoop at least once daily before beginning business operations.    

Small Stainless Steel Ice Scoop 

This food-grade stainless steel ice scoop has an 8-ounce capacity and a U-shaped shovel to allow maximum scooping without any wastage. Its mirror polishing gives a sleek, professional look while providing the user a comfortable grip.

Many users are pleased with how this tool looks, works, and feels. Its convenient size allows you to put it in the ice tray or ice bin when not in use. Moreover, stainless steel ice scoops don’t chip off, unlike plastic scoops. 

This sturdy tool prevents the taste of the ice from going bad. It features flat, smooth edges for easy usage and cleaning. You should purchase this product if you’re looking for an affordable and simple but functional ice scoop. 

Utility Ice Scoop 

Since metal ice scoops can get uncomfortably cold while being kept in the ice bin, most users prefer plastic ice scoops. This tool features a simple, versatile shape and adequate thickness to allow scooping more ice and resists prolonged contact with ice. With a capacity of 12 ounces, it can easily refill big containers and speed up your service. 

The plastic ice scoop is made of shatterproof polycarbonate, so you won’t have to worry about breaking it or harmful chippings adding to stored ice in the bin. Moreover, its ergonomic grip offers convenient scooping for thin ice. This tool is a great option if you’re looking for a transparent ice scoop that offers durability.  

Bar Ice Scoop 

Besides being functional, this scoop also offers functionality. It can also be used for other purposes besides drawing ice. Its tall walls keep the contents inside and prevent making a mess. Bar ice scoops are made of aluminum, and their one-piece construction gives an easy scooping experience. Moreover, their 4-ounce capacity can fill one glass at a time. 

Featuring a flat bottom and textured design, the bar ice scoop provides optimum ease while reaching for ice at the bottom or corners of the ice bin. With its comfortable grip, you can easily grab a handful of ice from the ice bin.

Draining Ice Scoop  

The drainage ice scoop is one of commercial facilities’ most commonly used ice machine tools. It has big holes to allow melted ice to pass through. This prevents water from spilling into drinks or areas around the ice machine. The draining ice scoop has a hand guard to prevent direct contact with ice.  

Since it usually has a capacity of 6 ounces, it may take longer to prepare several drinks at a time. Remember to clean your drainage ice scoop after each use. 

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