How to Edit PDF File in Windows 10

PDF files are one of the most common file formats that are widely used across multiple devices and different operating systems. We receive multiple PDF Files on WhatsApp messenger, Email attachments and other communications. At times, we wish to edit PDF files or make changes in the attachments. Not all users are aware of how to edit PDF files in Windows 10.

There are online and offline solutions to edit PDF files on Windows 10. Here in this article, you’ll explore how to add text to PDF on Windows 10 or add objects, signatures, pictures and more to your PDF files. free options may not offer a lot of editing features however the paid versions may allow you to do a lot more with PDF Files. let’s explore the best available options on how to edit PDF files in Windows 10.

Edit PDF File in MS Word

Microsoft Word allows you to edit PDF files with a few editing options. You can try this option with Microsoft Word 365, Word 2021, Word 2019, Word 2016, and Word 2013 versions.

Step 1. Open MS Word, click on the File menu and then click on Open.

Step 2. Browse to select the PDF file that you wish to edit.

Step 3. Click on Okay to confirm notification and click on enable editing option on the top strip. The original PDF file will not be impacted and it will save a new copy of the edited file.

Step 4. Make your desired changes, add objects, edit forms, fill information, add images and once you are done, press Ctrl + S to save changes. Select the file format as PDF, give it a file name and the new PDF file will be saved.

Edit PDF File Online

The online PDF editors can also help you edit or convert PDF files into editable formats. Here’s how you can access online editing options. There are dozens of websites that offer online solutions to edit PDF files. we have tried and tested a few options and listed the best online PDF Editing software in 2022.

Wondershare Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud is a cloud-based document management system to manage your PDF documents, collaborate, sign documents, or edit PDF files online. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile systems.

You can access your documents online and store up to 1 GB of files online from any location on any device. The portal offers high-security data editing and management solution with privacy protection to safeguard your confidentiality. You can easily create, share, sign, track and protect your documents online.


Download PDF Element

If you are not sure how to add text to PDF on Windows 10 online, you can download the best PDF editing software of 2022 and make changes to your document on your PC.

PDF Element

PDF Element is one of the best PDF editors that you can download on your Windows and start editing your PDF files. PDF Element can help you manage PDFs across desktop, mobile, and web from any location. You can use it as PDF Editor, PDF Converter, PDF Forms, PDF Annotator or PDF Creator.

It’s easy to create, edit, add or delete PDF elements right from a single software. it gives you several options to edit headings, titles, add images, signatures, shapes, fill forms, annotate and share the updated files via different modes. You can change the background, draw different lines, shapes and add more objects to your document.

It is helpful in creating engaging marketing content that can’t be edited by others. You can easily password protect your documents and keep your data confidential. You get different options to highlight, colour, draw, or add / edit / or remove text from your document.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the default PDF reader and editor that comes pre-installed with most of the OEM machines. If you can’t find this on your Windows, you can Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from its official website.

It is one of the easiest methods of how to edit PDF on Windows 10. You can create new PDF files, Fill PDF Forms, Sign PDF documents, add, pictures, objects, shapes, edit PDF files, organize pages, add comments, combine files, redact PDF, Protect PDF, import or export PDF elements and share it with anyone.

Wrapping Up

PDF documents are tricky to edit however it is safe as well. You can share documents that can’t be easily edited by everyone. Not all users are aware of how to edit PDF files in Windows 10. This article on how to add text to PDF on Windows 10, edit PDF files and manage PDF files with multiple editing options has a few useful tricks.

You can explore various options to edit PDF files, protect and share them with other users. You can try basic and advanced editing options depending on your need. Adobe Acrobat Reader or Wondershare PDF Element allows multiple editing options that can ease up your work and help you manage PDF files. MS Word can be used for basic PDF editing.

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