Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well

Everybody knows that those jobs that pay well are the traditional, well-trodden career paths, such as a doctor, banker, lawyer or engineer. However, not everyone can become these types of professionals in life.

If you want to earn lots of money, then there are three easy ways to achieve that: 1) Become a doctor, 2) Manage other people’s money (stock broker, hedge fund manager, etc), or 3) Become a CEO of a big company (500 employees or more).

But of course, there are other jobs out there that can also pay surprisingly well, even if you’re not suited to one of the professions mentioned above.

Take note that the median hourly wage for the jobs featured in this list ranges from $25 to $30.


When someone who gets convicted as a serial killer unexpectedly stands up, turns to the jury with furious eyes and yells, “You guys will pay for this! Mark my words!” But of course, someone really has to mark his words. That is the job of a stenocaptioner, one who uses equipment to record and transcribe all of the pre-trial and trial proceedings, as well as other information deemed important on court cases. The role only requires a post-secondary nondegree award and a short-term on-the-job training.


An arbitrator is a legal professional who helps settle disputes outside of court, and they are a neutral party in the dispute. There is no standard requirement to become an arbitrator as it varies by state. Typically they go to law school, but most arbitrators have a masters’ degree in public policy, law or other fields.

Due to these unprecedented times, more and more workers nowadays have recently been asked to sign arbitration agreements in order to get hired or keep their jobs. Click here for more information about arbitration at the workplace, which can help you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into before you sign a contract with your employer.

Employment and Labor Attorneys

Employment and labor attorneys make sure that relationships between employers and their employees stay fair and balanced. They may either represent the employers and management, or the employees.

For example, Goulart Legal is a company of lawyers with expertise in all things workplace. They are typically engaged when employment issues come up at any time, especially in crisis situations where reputations or the flow of business could be seriously compromised.

Fire Investigator

Did an old but sturdy barn burn down from a fire sparked by the extreme summer heat, or was Farmer John trying to cash in on the insurance money? This is one situation that calls for a fire investigator. A fire investigator will inspect buildings and other structures to detect fire hazards and gather facts to determine the likely cause of fires and explosions – potentially uncovering crimes.

With prior experience as a fireman, moderate on-the-job training, and a postsecondary certification, this is not the easiest job to land, but it definitely pays well.

Private Detective

If you have read the novels or watched the TV shows featuring Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, then you would know the basics of what being a private detective is like. A private detective or investigator gathers, compiles, analyzes and reports information for their clients about potentially unlawful individuals or organizations. To become one, you would need at least a high school diploma and moderate on-the-job training experience.

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