The most Instagrammed furniture makers & designers in the UK 

The team at The Mortgage Genie have researched about the most instagrammed furniture makers and designers in the UK which we are presenting to you.

Instagram is currently one of the most influential platforms. A recurring topic on the social media platform is furniture, in fact, the hashtag furniture has over 37,000,000 posts. Makers and designers are using this to their advantage and using the platform to create profiles which display their creations and style. Their aim is to increase engagement with followers, customers and potential clients, but how can makers do this? This article covers six popular furniture brands and one furniture influencer, discussing how and why they are so successful. 

Tom Dixon 

Tom Dixon is one of the most followed furniture brands on Instagram with 610k followers. His work mainly consists of innovative and unique lighting fixtures. Dixon’s popularity is highlighted in the hundreds of posts on his page, @tomdixonstudio is tagged in. There are over 180k posts under the #tomdixon, these posts display his popular  creations in a range of different environments. Several posts depict his fixtures as a statement piece in their kitchen, whilst others share pictures from an exhibition. 

Rockett St. George 

This online furniture store describes itself as unique, expressive and quirky. This brand does not have an instore, meaning that they use their Instagram account to effectively connect with their 290k followers. One way they do this is by posting videos of Jess Alavi-Ellis, a popular furniture journalist discussing her current favourite Rockett St. George piece. Another example is a reel they posted of their collaboration with liberty. In the video they show off their products and tell you where to find them, this video has over 1,000 likes.

Cox & Cox

Fiona Cox is the designer behind the brand Cox & Cox. In 1996 she appeared in a BBC home makeover show, using her popularity from the series she launched her own interior design company. Fiona’s Instagram page @coxandcox displays to her 398k followers her homely and comforting designs. Her follower’s posts consist of a similar theme, tagging the brand in pictures of a ‘cozy’ and neutral living room. Cox and Cox clearly have a family orientated target audience and Fiona adapts her Instagram depending on the season in order to

increase engagement. Her most recent posts include a summer theme, one of them being a competition where users have to like, follow, share and tag her page in order to enter. That specific post currently has 43k views. 

Soho Home 

The London based company, Soho Home is committed to making a sociable yet relaxed living space. This mission statement is definitely recognised on their Instagram page @sohohome which depicts neutral, liveable setups with pops of colour and unique features. The  #sohohome has over 30,000 posts, one of them being from the account @makingthecut. This page promotes a podcast by the celebrities Davina Mccall and Michael Douglas, where they discuss recommendations they have for their listeners. In one podcast they recommended soho home, not only promoting the brand’s products, but also increasing its potential customer reach.

Sibyl Colefax & Fowler 

@sibylcolefax is primarily a furniture influencer account run by Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. They use their platform to promote creators and discuss pieces they are currently interested in with their 101k followers. Follower engagement and sharing is increased due to the wide range of products and creations they share. Currently the couple have partnered with Fenwick & Tilbrook, a paint company, creating their own line of unique colours. The newest one being this saffron colour. This is an effective marketing technique for both parties.  @sibylcolefax have been able to a new industry, whilst Fenwick & Tilbrook have successfully used a popular page to promote their products and increase customer reach.

Rowen & Wren 

This company was created by maker Lucy Uren and Graeme Purdy.  The couple promotes ‘thoughtfully sourced’ products through their brand. Their Instagram page and creations give off a rustic feel with many of its promotional pictures being taken outside with nature. Many of Rowen & Wren’s furniture pieces appeal to like-minded individuals, therefore customers and followers post similar set-ups, depicting the brand’s products in a neutral, earthy setting with plants. And it is the message of re-using and up-cycling that makes this brand so popular.


Another account focused on Up-cycling and reusing pre-owned furniture is  GrainReclaimed Furniture maker (@grain_reclaimed_uk). This Brighton based maker uses scraps of wood to make ‘new’ furniture. Although this profile has less followers than the profiles and companies mentioned previously, reclaiming is currently very popular and the use of primarily wood, results in this user  having a unique selling point. With the #furnituremakeover having over one million posts, and the #upcylcing having over four million, the sustainable practices utilised by this profile, are becoming not only popular but necessary in our current climate. GrainReclaimed recognises this and uses its platform to promote the importance of reusing and decreasing throw away culture. 

All of these furniture brands successfully promote their products, encouraging clients and followers to share, like and comment. These actions ensure that they reach potential customers and a larger target market. Most importantly these companies use instagram as a form of free advertising, to create excitement around new products, analyse backlash and promote follower engagement. 

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