Types of Web Applications that can be Built with Laravel

Web apps are in high demand in the world today. They are used in every field to help with a wide range of tasks and goals. Organizations in different industries and with different services and sizes either make their own web applications or pay other organizations to make them for them.

One of the best web app development services is Laravel web application services, which are easy to use, progressive, scalable, and friendly to use for developers. According to a survey, around half of the PHP developers claim that they prefer Laravel over any other framework. 

The types of web applications you can build with Laravel

The following are the major types of web applications that you can build with Laravel. 

Healthcare Management Systems

Patient Portals are web application services that allow hospital patients to register and pay their bills online. This way, they don’t have to wait in line for hours to sign up and pay their bills. The Laravel framework works very well for making this kind of service.

The healthcare industry uses Laravel development for more than just patient portals. It is also used for hospital management. Hospitals have to deal with a lot of information. This information is about the patient’s health, conditions, and treatments, so it is sensitive and needs to be handled carefully. The Laravel framework gives users a smooth experience, requires little upkeep, and keeps data safe. It can also improve the management system in the healthcare industry.

Education Management Systems

Every day, schools have a lot to do, from letting people in to giving tests and giving out homework and more. Laravel development can give educational institutions an infinite number of ways to handle the complicated tasks they have to do every day. A professional Laravel web development company can offer strong solutions for 

  • Managing student registration
  • Giving faculty information and class schedules
  • Marking and viewing attendance
  • Sending alerts and notifications to students and their parents
  • Building study materials
  • Analyzing student reports

E-commerce platforms 

Laravel lets you use solutions that have already been tested and made for the needs of e-commerce. This doesn’t stop you from making your own solutions from scratch, but it does save time if making the e-commerce site by the deadline is one of the most important parts of the project. If you use this framework, it will be easy to develop your sales platform and add new features. 

This is because you can integrate the platform with an external call center, wholesale system, or accounting system of the store, as well as with many tools you already use. You can also add different payment methods, and there are e-commerce packages (like Aimeos or Vanilo) with ready-made, tested components that make it easier to work on a sales platform.

This PHP framework lets you customize the app, which is important if you want your customers to be pleasantly surprised when they talk to your brand. You can hire expert Laravel developers to easily add solutions like payments and marketing automation tools, and you can make sure that your clients are safe.

B2B websites

By using Laravel, you can make it easier for the B2B clients you work with to outsource multiple services at once and help them organize the work. Users of apps made with Laravel can be sure that their apps have a high level of security because the components are updated often. With the help of this framework, you can also build complicated business tools quickly and connect them to apps from other places.

E-learning and blog platforms

Blogs are written by a lot of people, and just as many people read them every day. If you want to make a website where you can share your thoughts or knowledge, Laravel might be a good choice. This framework lets the person who makes a website use many features, such as making it easy to share content across different communication channels and adding the ability to register on the website or sign up for the newsletter. Laravel gives you access to useful databases and tools that make managing website content easy and enjoyable.

Booking platforms

Software developers often choose Laravel as the best framework for making booking apps. Due to the fact that how easy it is to add payments, you might want to think about building this kind of website in PHP using Laravel. A business that is growing and decides it needs to offer more services can always add new features and functions to its apps and websites to make them better. This lets the company respond quickly to changes in the market.


One of the pieces of software that give you the ability to construct sophisticated and, at the same time, protected contemporary forums is called Flarum. You may construct forums that are interesting, good-looking, responsive, fast, and efficient, thanks to the many functions that are at your disposal. These forums can be modified to meet the requirements and fulfill the expectations of a variety of communities.

Laravel is an excellent choice for this scenario because it enables you to rapidly develop a straightforward platform and then expand the functionality of that platform over time by including a wide variety of engaging tools. 

Modern systems for company management

In the business world of today, running a business requires a wide range of specialized solutions, such as CRM, CMS, and marketing automation technologies. Companies that have been in business for a while know that it is best to choose customized solutions that will improve the efficiency of both the company’s internal and external operations. When it comes to making these kinds of systems, Laravel is a technology that works very well. When you use it, you won’t have any problems with your work on the database.


Almost anything can be done with Laravel when it comes to making web applications. By hiring a skilled Laravel web development company, any business can use the power of a PHP framework with MVC architecture on a safe platform. Laravel can be used to make both simple and complex websites and a wide range of web applications. In addition, it may help a company increase its productivity, customer satisfaction, and user experience, all of which will lead to exemplary growth.