What is a Personal Area

A Personal Area – is a place at FBS, which allows users to interact with the platform. 

As a side note: FBS is an international company, which provides services in forex trading. FBS can be described as a trustworthy broker with more than 17 million clients around the world. It is worth mentioning that the broker is an official trading partner of FC Barcelona and Leicester City. If you are still unsure, you can read feedback on the Web and get acquainted with information about the brand. All information is available on their official website. 

But let’s focus on the app. With the Personal Area the client can manage all their trading accounts. Additionally, they can deposit or withdraw funds from/to MetaTrader platforms, change account settings, and upload trading platforms. If you are having trouble controlling your activity at home or at work, there is a solution. To use the services of FBS from anywhere you can install Mobile Personal Area. It is an app for your phone, where you can create new profiles or manage existing ones. You can personalize the app as you wish and have access to all your data. The main benefit of Area Mobile is that you can control your accounts and finances in one place without having to log in on the computer. In this article we will tell you whether it is worth downloading the Mobile Personal Area and what exactly you will need it for.

The features of a Personal Area

Here we will tell you what you can edit and what tools are available to use on the Personal Area: 

  • Profile edit  – while managing your account you can change some information about it. This includes: name, mobile number, email, timezone, country, city, postcode and home address.
  • Security – this includes confirmation settings. Also, you can make your Personal Area accessible only from your IP address. This will eliminate the chance of being hacked and losing all the money.
  • Additional options – here you can check your login history – when did you last access the Area. You can also see your Area password, verification and the log out button. 

These and many more features are accessible through your Personal Area. For more details, check the official FBS page.

How a Personal Mobile Area can help

As previously mentioned, it is an app which will help you to have your essential trading information in your pocket. Analyze the statistics and make the most of your trading experience. You can personalize your account, secure it, and choose the most convenient payment method. In the Personal Area, you can control and analyze finances, move money from one account to another and much more. If you have questions about the app, FBS’ multilingual customer support is ready to help 24/7. You can download the Personal Mobile Area for free on the official page or Google Play and try it yourself. We wish you only a positive trading experience and hope that this tool can increase your performance.

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