How to Make Money through Blog Writing?

Blogging has become a common name for people using the internet worldwide. People are now using various platforms and social media networks for blogging about their personal lives. However, the original idea of blogging began with blog writing which, despite the increasing popularity of video and photo content, is still a substantial means to engage with an audience, reach new people, and generate an income. 

Making money using blog writing is not a theoretical concept; many people are using blog writing as a reliable resource to generate a passive income. Have you ever thought about starting your own blog? What if we tell you it can be more than just a fun, time passing activity, and you can actually make money out of it?

Yes, this is true if you are passionate about blog writing and actually do it smartly. You might actually be able to generate a good amount of side income by just pursuing your hobby. However, don’t forget there is no one size fits all solution for it. Many around the world have tried their hand at blogging, but only some were able to generate an income through their efforts in the field. 

To make things easy, we are sharing this guide to help you generate money through blog writing. Here are 5 ways you can make money by publishing blogs online:

Tips to Earn Money Through Blog Writing 

1. Monetize through Ads – Use Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a feature introduced by Google that allows online content creators and publishers to earn money using the content they are posting online. AdSense basically matches your content and the audience it reaches to ads that can be displayed on your website.

There is growing competition for online advertisement in today’s era of increased digitization. Advertisers are willing to pay as much as they can to gain online exposure and reach more and more people. Hence, you can cash on this opportunity by offering advertising space on your site to businesses. These ads will appear alongside your content – this is called a direct deal. 

 Otherwise, you can also use Google AdSense, which is an ad network – it will help sell your ad space on your behalf. It will only serve ads that are relevant to your content to your blog audience – which is a win-win situation for both you and the advertiser. 

2. Take up Sponsored Posts 

You must have come across sponsored content on various social media platforms – while some use sponsored products in video content or share pictures of themselves using them. You can get paid to talk about, discuss, and promote a certain product in your blog. 

While you have less control over ad networks and the kind of ad that displays on your website, this is something you can control. Your audience is likely to get annoyed by ads appearing on your website, but with sponsored posts, you have the liberty to be less “spammy” and make use of your writing skills. 

Just remember, you have to be very sneaky with your content and use the right techniques to include sponsored products in your content. Your readers will not enjoy the content that looks paid, be subtle with promotion, and don’t mention the sponsored products more than a few times in your blog. 

3. Engage in Affiliate Marketing

Just like sponsored posts, you can earn through affiliate marketing by recommending a product or service in your content. Affiliate marketing is when you add an off-site link in your content that takes people to a product or service present on another site.

However, unlike sponsored posts, where you get a one-time payment to include a product in your content, you earn through commissions in affiliate marketing. Here is how it works: it is an automated system, every time someone clicks on the link present in your content and visits the affiliate’s website, it increases their reach. If someone proceeds to buy the product you’re endorsed through affiliate marketing, you earn a set amount of commission on the sale. 

This is a viable revenue model for blogs that engage the audience through product recommendations and reviews. Moreover, there are affiliate programs available for every industry, and niche that you can sign up for. Amazon offers the biggest affiliate program to bloggers – if you’re interested in blog writing, you can register for their program. 

4. Share Paid Reviews 

This is also a type of sponsored content but slightly different. You are paid to incorporate a certain product or service in your content in sponsored posts, but subtly. When writing reviews, you have to recommend a product or service to your audience. 

Most bloggers write reviews for free to gain the trust of their readers and build an audience. Trust is a huge aspect of this approach, you have to make sure your content is believable, and you must not sound salesy. This is why it is recommended to write reviews about products from your niche, or products that you have actually used and can endorse.

Most bloggers end up dialing to earn money through blog writing because they review products they have no experience using or have little knowledge about. This decreases the reliability of your blog, and you can lose followers because of this as well. 

5. Add Subscription Models 

This is a step for the future, and we do not recommend beginners to use this technique. Once you have built a considerable audience on your blog, you think your audience is eager to know more about you or read more content from you. You can add a paid membership or subscription model to your blog, which can be another income stream for you through your blog. 

Through the subscription model, your audience pays a fixed amount of money regularly – usually monthly or weekly- to “unlock” your content and read more from you. Just make sure to be consistent with your blog and keep adding more and more interesting content to make sure no one unsubscribes. 


Blog writing is a great way to stay connected with the online community and earn a side income for yourself. As we are moving toward a digital world, faster than ever, this is the right time for you to begin your online career. And there is no better way to do that than to start a blog or offer blog writing services that can help you build an audience and earn through advertisement and marketing. 

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