The Ultimate Website Checklist – What Every Website Needs [Infographic]

Are you struggling to build a new business website or redesign your old one? Give a pause to your struggle and have a look throughout this article. When you are up to launching an engaging website, you need to start by researching the must-have features of any website. You always need to know which elements are actually essential for your website.

Recently WebCommander researched a lot about gaining website success and published an infographic listing the must-have features of any website. It can save both your time and energy.

Below we are describing some of the highlighted features from the infographic checklist to help you with a clear concept.

Design and load speed of the website

No one wants to visit a slow speedy website. Try to use a good website host and optimise images to achieve a fast load speed. Besides load speed, responsive and visually appealing design can help you to have your desired website.

Content criterion

Content is the life of a website. Relevant, engaging and easy-to-read content can turn massive traffic on your website. It would be best if you also tried to grab your visitor’s attention from the start of your content with a to-the-point title.  

Presentation of service or product page

Service or product pages should be the website’s primary focus because they will help you make money. Visual presentation and call to action are the main features of working on a product or service page. Also, Make sure of quick feedback or reply to the customer’s quarry and try to hold an easy-to-buy process.

Search engine optimization

Want to engage more people on your website? SEO is the best option to solve your problem. To build regular organic search traffic, optimize content for relevant keywords, and do some backlinks, your SEO will be perfect. Social media and paid traffic can help to add another level to your website.

You can check out the infographic below to have answers to your further queries.