3 Simple Steps to Annotate a Newly Scanned Document on Your iPhone


It can be difficult to organise your paperwork. It can be much easier than you might think with a few simple steps and some handy apps. Scan all documents to preserve them in a secure digital format.

Most people associate scanning documents with the desktop scanner – remember those huge bulky traditional scanners occupying corners of your office! What if there is no scanner nearby? You can scan documents with your iPhone or Android and then annotate them on your phone.

To begin, consider using a scanning application to scan all your important documents. It will be easy to track everything and you will always have a digital copy in case you need it.

Annotating a Document: Features

Did you know that you can annotate receipts and scan documents right from your iPhone or iPad? All you need to do is tap and add any marks, sign files or fill out scanned forms.

You can access, scan, annotate, annotate, and share various documents with the best iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. These apps allow you to: fill out and e-sign PDFs; scan any type of document; use OCR to convert scanned items to digital text; send documents to others to sign, highlight, and annotate PDFs; use your device’s camera for taking photos of anything; export your scanned files in various file formats, including JPEG and multi-page PDF files; and/or share your scanned documents with others via email.

Scanners offer a more efficient way to digitize documents. They allow you to edit scans and to mark up images using arrows. Notes can be added to scanned documents.

Benefits of Annotating a newly scanned document 

Annotating a newly scan document has many benefits. Annotating a newly scanned document has the obvious benefit of helping to ensure accuracy. Annotations are useful for identifying specific parts of the document that need clarity or needs corrections.

Annotating documents can also improve the accuracy of the scan. Annotations can also be used to track changes to a document and provide additional information. These annotations can be extremely helpful in locating a document or determining its history.

Annotating a newly scan document has many benefits. You can add your comments and notes to any scanned document.

Aim to improve your knowledge of the material

Clarify complex sections

Track changes to the document and any revisions.

Highlight important points to be remembered later

You can annotate a newly scanned document on your phone.

How can I annotate a scan document on iPhone, iPad, and Android?

Step 1

Open any document in the Document scanning App on the iPhone. Or, first scan it by placing your iPhone camera on the document to be scanned. If you want to scan the document manually or automatically, click on the scan button within the scanner app.

Step 2

After scanning the document, or selecting a scanned PDF, go to “Annotate”.To edit the document, tap the button at the bottom. You can add notes, edit the scanned document writing or highlight a section of the scan.

Step 3

After you’ve edited the document, save it and then share it in PDF or JPEG formats. You can also save the editable image in PNG format if it is a scan of a photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the scanned text editable

If the PDF scanner app is already installed on your iPhone, the scan will automatically be opened in the PDF scanner app. After the scan has been opened on your iPhone you can simply go to the annotate feature.

  • Sticky notes can be added and comments written
  • Sign and stamp
  • create audio notes

How can I mark up a scanned file on my phone?

Once you have scanned the document using the document scanning app, click on the annotate option to access the following features.

  • Sticky notes can be used to add text.
  • Sign, insert stamps, and images
  • Fill out the scanned forms
  • Highlight text and add Mark-ups

What app can scan and modify documents?

QuickScan – PDF scanner app must be installed on your iPad or iPhone. Once the app is installed, you will need to scan a document before clicking on Annotate. You can annotate images right from your iPhone or iPad using the app. Annotation options include Erase, Pen, Marker and Erase.

Install the app to edit PDF files on your iPad or iPhone and annotate scans.

Key Takeaways

Annotating a scanned document can be done in many different ways. There are two options for annotating scanned documents: software or pen and paper. A scanning app is the best way to accomplish this task.

The app will often create an editable version of a document when you scan it. You can also add comments and annotations directly to the document. Highlight text and add call-outs or other graphics.

An advantage to using a computer for annotating scanned documents is that annotations can be saved with the document so they are available at any time with a simple tap.

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