5 Best Productivity Tracking Software Hacks You Need to Know Now

We all have a busy life. We have to get up early, work in the evenings, and juggle responsibilities at home. But what happens when you don’t have the time or energy to keep track of all of your tasks? You lose sight of your priorities and you get sidetracked by side projects and distractions. To help you stay on top of your workload and stay focused on your goals, here are some productivity software tips that can help you stay on top of your game.

“If only I had more time!” you’ve probably said a million times. But what if you didn’t require any additional time? What if you could work less and accomplish more? According to research, the brain requires rest in order to function optimally, but for business owners, this is easier said than done. We’ve compiled 5 of our favorite productivity hacks for making the most of the time you have.

5 Best Productivity Tracking Software Hacks

1. Employees should be educated

Incompetence or a lack of knowledge can lead to low productivity. During periodic training, screen recordings can be used to educate new employees and analyze common errors.

2. Make everything as automated as possible

Keep track of your time for one week. The best productivity tracking software can assist you. Then consider how you spend your time. Calculate the time savings by automating everything you can. What are the best automation candidates? Repeatable tasks, such as scheduling and payments, are a good place to start, and technology can assist. Sitter Pro can help you manage your temp scheduling and payments.

3. Workloads should be smoothed out

To evaluate how much time an employee spends on a task, screen capture can be used as an unbiased time tracker. Thus, screen recording assists in identifying the most skilled employees for specific tasks, delegating assignments, and optimizing workloads. You can also plan more efficient meetings and short breaks during the most and least productive times of the day.

4. Boost Employee Productivity and Utilization

The way we work is changing. Our work hours are longer and more intense than ever, and we’re expected to perform more tasks but get less time to do them. This means more work-life integration, which can be difficult for some of us. It also means that performance is often measured on a metrics-based basis, rather than an expertly judged one. The result is a system where you’re evaluated in isolation, rather than as a part of a team. It includes factors such as employee attendance, human working hours, work area, and wages to determine productivity levels in between periods. With a fixed timeline, productivity tracking software tracks staff and human hours.

5. Streamline your team’s workflow

Scaling your team has never been easier with the help of a new tool called Reforge. Reforge is a complete process management platform that uses a drag-and-drop interface to easily create and manage processes, allowing teams to save time and resources while managing their workflow. When it comes to streamlining your workflow, automation can be extremely beneficial. Today’s businesses can automate 45% of employee activities thanks to advances in technology.


After evaluating the top 5 hacks of the best productivity monitoring software, I determined that DeskTrack is the best option due to the numerous benefits it provides at such a low cost. Employee monitoring activity is common to all software, but the detailed productivity analysis provided by DeskTrack in such a simple format is uncommon in other software.

Guest article written by: Naveen Sharma is Digital Marketing Executive at DeskTrack(A product of Aryavrat infotech), an employee monitoring & time tracking software to increase employees productivity. This software is very helpful for large, small, or medium enterprises to make their employees productive. FacebookTwitterLinkedin  –  Instagram

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