6 Different Types of Ice and Some Ways to Use Them

LA summers can be particularly harsh, and people look for relief in the form of cold beverages and food. The demand for ice goes up right as summers begin, both for residential and commercial use. This is why many restaurants invest in on-site ice machine rental in LA and come up with exciting ways to use ice for their menu items. If you also want to rent an ice machine for commercial use, you should understand your options. Here are the different types of ice you can make and some uses for each.

1. Cubic 

This is the most popular type of ice we find in homes and high-end restaurants. This type is easier to make and store in summers. Depending on the ice dispenser used, this ice can have sharp edges or round ones. You can put it in drinks or store your food in a cooler after lining it with ice cubes. It melts relatively slower than other shapes, which is the main reason for its popularity and common use in summers. 

2. Half Cube

Half cube ice is used in drinks because it blends well with liquids. Bartenders use this ice to make cocktails and other concoctions. Due to the smaller size and softer edges, restaurants popularly use half cubes for making drinks in a blender. It doesn’t water down a drink like other types of ice do and pairs just as well with iced coffees and milkshakes. 

An orange drink

3. Bullet Ice 

This type of ice is shaped like a bullet and has a hollow cavity inside. This space helps it melt more quickly and cool a drink evenly. Ice machines for office use often dispense bullet ice, and you can also find it in many other small commercial establishments. It does not offer any other purpose aside from cooling down drinks because of its quick-melting nature. It can turn a drink cloudy, so it is exclusively used in carbonated drinks. Using bullet ice in a clear drink could ruin its look and interfere with its original color. 

3. Half Cylinder (Crescent)

Often known as half-moon or crescent, this type of ice has one flat and one round surface. It is commonly found in automatic ice dispenser rentals. Due to its stable size, it doesn’t melt quickly and makes an ideal choice for summer use. But using this type of ice in a blender may damage the blades over time because crescent ice has a hard surface on each side and may not crush easily. It is used in the restaurant industry to make drink service easier because it doesn’t create a splash when a drink is poured over it. Crescent ice makes an ideal choice for cooling an alcoholic beverage without affecting its potency. But it should not be consumed by small children as it can lodge in their throats and become a choking hazard. 

4. Top Hat Ice 

As obvious by the name, this type of ice is shaped like a top hat. It has a flat round surface on the top and a round cube attached at the bottom. With a hollow cavity on the inside, it melts quickly, without affecting the taste of the beverage it is used in. This is the first choice of ice type for upscale restaurants and bars because it doesn’t create a cloudy look. Ice machine rental solutions providers of LA can arrange a machine that produces top hat ice for temporary use in summer and help you leave your competitors behind. 

A chilled beverage

5. Shaved Ice 

Shaved ice offers many different uses in the food industry and medical applications. It is used to keep raw shrimp, fish, and other foods cool when on display. For recreational purposes, ice flakes can take the shape of natural snow and be used for indoor decoration. Shaved ice is popularly used in homes and restaurants to make ice cones and may not be as useful for other cold beverages. 

6. Ice Spheres 

Circular ice cubes have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, and the main reason is their visually appealing shape. This type of ice is meant to be stirred and not shaken when used in a beverage. It is considered a gourmet version of ice and can be found in many high-end establishments. 

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