8 Key Benefits of Microlearning

Intensive, vast, and elaborated learning can be quite challenging. It’s harder to grasp huge chunks of information. According to research, most people can retain only 10% of what they have learned in a classroom. Almost 70% of people prefer easy daily learning. 

Learning becomes easy and less tricky when it comes to bite-sized chunks of information. When broken down, these information chunks are much easier to comprehend, boosting retention and increasing engagement. This is known as microlearning. For effective learning, microlearning is the way to go. 

Microlearning allows learners to retain information consistently and learn at their ease. It offers convenience and helps learners focus on particular learning objectives. Microlearning is the future of training in workplaces. Let’s take a look at some benefits of microlearning.

More Affordable

The costs associated with microlearning are far more manageable and affordable. Employers, managers, or coaches can easily use short yet powerful modules which can be made quickly. Rich content like instructional videos, guidelines documents, or welcome messages can be easily created without hiring a professional, thereby reducing costs. 

Online microlearning also eliminates the need for classrooms, requirements, and other tools. Organizations can invest in the learning of their workers and train their employees in a much more conventional way. 

A man taking an online microlearning course

Easily Updated

When you have large topics split up into smaller modules, you no longer have to update the entire training program, which can take months. By only updating one or two videos, you can make the process much easier. 

Additionally, mobile learning and online training also allow learners to revisit previous topics, which helps them revise, improve their retention, and optimize the overall learning process. This is why microlearning is often preferred over traditional learning. 

Quick Impact

As the modules are shorter, a practical approach is taken to help the learners understand each topic faster. The limited information can easily be understood, and shorter modules are taught much quicker. This way, there is less interruption, and the next module is on another topic. Content is taught faster, and learners can grasp information instantly. 

A man training an employee through microlearning

Increased Freedom

Microlearning modules can be stored offline or on the cloud. They can easily be viewed at the learner’s convenience, and they can access them from anywhere in the world. 

It also allows the organizations to train online from anywhere, at any time. Online or mobile learning is popular now because more than 6 billion people own a smartphone, and they can learn at their convenience. 

Highly Engaging

Microlearning has an engaging delivery method compared to traditional learning. It removes the burden of “studying” and offers a much more relaxed feel to the entire learning experience. It’s just like checking your phone for a quick social media scroll. Most organizations are incorporating this into their online learning programs. 

Microlearning also allows learners to find a specific topic they want more information on. They can easily retain all information because of the shorter modules as they don’t go through the memory fatigue of retaining large chunks of information in one sitting. 

Small portions of information also ensure that the learner can focus without their attention span runs out. They can focus for a long time on these bite-sized information chunks without getting distracted. 

A person sitting in front of a laptop

Improved Knowledge Retention

Revision is a great way to improve knowledge retention. With microlearning, all subjects can be easily revisited and studied repeatedly. This is possible because the modules are shorter and self-contained. Learners can easily return to them and refresh their memory.

Improved ROI

Microlearning can help the employees in your organization maintain higher retention rates and participation. They can easily acquire more knowledge and skills which they can demonstrate on their job. It leads to a better ROI as compared to traditional employee training. 

Onboarding Staff

Onboarding new staff becomes much easier and less challenging when you send them interactive microlearning courses. Before they even start, you can allow your new staff to learn more about the company, so they feel welcomed. 

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Guest article written by: Carla D. is the author of this blog. She is a manager who has introduced microlearning in her organization. In her free time, Carla loves to read and write poetry. She also loves to create short courses on various topics and has her own channel on YouTube. She has been an advocate for making learning more accessible and convenient for all learners. 

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