An overview of Bootstrap 

Bootstrap was originally created by and for Twitter and became popular in a very short span of time. 

Bootstrap is a collection of powerful tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that help create a developer build web pages and applications. It is hosted on GitHub and has open source framework usage that was released in 2011. Developers and Web designers use Bootstrap and have become very familiar with its usage for its flexibility and ease of work.

Bootstrap is available in a code and a precompiled version. The code version comes in various sass styles, Javascript and supports many documentation which grants designers and developers to be more creative and innovative building the advanced and self made version of bootstrap. An autoprefixer is used for code versions to make things easier for CSS vendors.

Engineers use Bootstrap as it is easy to set up with numerous reusable components from dropdowns, navigation and progress bars, forms, buttons, tables to thumbnails, and an excellent grid system filling the containers with the required content making the lives of the developers more comfortable. Bootstrap consists of styling for HTML elements, like typography and buttons etc and is flexible. Bootstrap unpacks ready-made templates and themes at the very time it is downloaded but it is recommended that designers and developers be creative with the website designing and development so their websites stand out from the rest. A bootstrap admin panel is a viable option to go for as an advanced team of web developers and designers can get you an aesthetically pleasing website running in no time. 

Software engineers can master bootstrap in no time with its support of JavaScript plugins.

Bootstrap offers responsive designs and sustains compatible browsing especially with most widely used sites like Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox and can be easily and quickly learnt. Bootstrap can also be used extensively by JavaScript and supports programmatic JavaScript API and adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops easily. It is utilized with editors or language or technology servers like ASP.NET, Rails, Ruby and PHP. However, people who find it difficult to use or intriguingly complex in ways can always get professional help.

Some disadvantages of bootstrap however are that; Creating a custom design might take a lot of time and effort and it is not guaranteed that it will turn out the way one wants it to be. So it is suggested that heavy customization is avoided. Most of the time the styles are wordy and can lead to HTML output in abundance which is not quite needed. Lastly, certain styling or writing requirements can override the files which may in the end lead to a lot of wastage of your time. Especially when\ the coding and designing requires going an extra mile or diverting the bootstraps original design.

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