How to clean up your Mac to make it run faster

When accumulating lots of files on a Mac, storage gets eaten up. As this happens, more files need to be regularly scanned and stored, so the Mac’s performance may drop. Plus, the more clutter there is, the longer it takes to find items, organise them, and search for them. This article will look at ways to clean up your Mac in order for it to perform optimally.

Mac Cleaning Software

The most efficient way to tidy up is with malware cleaners for Mac. This software allows you to automatically scan Mac files at an unprecedented rate – assessing how secure, credible, and necessary they are, then removing files that it deems no longer needed or a threat. This is ultimately the fastest way to clean up your Mac to ensure it’s performing at its best.

Update your Mac

The first step is always to keep the Mac up to date. This isn’t just about keeping it clean and saving storage, but it’s also about keeping it safe with the latest security patches. If you have random issues or bugs, it’s often because your Mac is not up to date.

Delete unused apps and files

Over time we tend to accumulate a plethora of apps but forget to delete them when they’re no longer necessary – that’s why a regular clean-up is needed. If you head to Applications, you can browse all of the apps you have and delete the ones that you don’t use. Remember, you can likely download them again if needed in a few months’ time, particularly given improved internet speeds these days. Move to Trash the ones you don’t want.

Next, head to the Downloads folder and hang your head in shame – everyone’s Downloads folder is a mess because of the way we download items online. Organize this place using folders and regularly download any outdated files that is no longer needed, particularly media stuff.

Empty Trash

Find the Trash icon on the bottom taskbar and right-click to empty the Trash. This is where all of the items will be that you have downloaded, but have not yet permanently deleted. It’s ideal to do this once a week or so.

Tidy up login items

When booting up your Mac, if multiple applications boot up automatically that are not absolutely necessary, you’re likely slowing your Mac down and making it messier than it needs to be. To turn these off, head to System Preferences, Users & Groups, then select your name on the left and head over to the Login Items tab. Press the application you wish to turn off from auto-booting and press the (-) sign.


You can manually remove cache by heading to ~/Library/Cache file location and individually going into each folder to remove unnecessary items. This is long-winded, so it’s advised to use a Mac cleaning software for this step. Furthermore, clear your cache on Safari, Chrome, and any other browser that you use.

Finally, it’s not just about the technical speed of the Mac, but the speed in which you use the Mac. So, having a cluttered Desktop, for example, can slow down your productivity as it takes a few moments longer to find anything. This accumulates into a lot of wasted time, meaning it’s worth tidying up the aesthetics and basic file organization of the Mac once in a while.

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