How Can Guest Blogging Increase My Online Visibility and Sales?

Guest blogging has been around for a long time and now it has become one of the most effective advertising and marketing strategies among businesses. Over the years, guest blogging has been proven to be a game changer for small businesses and startups. 

There are several blogs on the web that accept and publish guest articles. They help new bloggers, digital marketers, and businesses improve their credibility and built a strong network. Guest blogging is basically a ‘win-win’ digital marketing approach, that doesn’t only benefit the one writing and submitting, but also the website that publishes. 

According to a study, about 62.96% of people believe that blogs from multiple authors are more credible. When people notice that several writers from different platforms are contributing to your website, they develop trust. Besides, they get an opportunity to publish more content on their website, which eventually improves their ranking. Publishing well-researched blogs also help guest blogging websites establish themselves as a ‘go-to’ place for their readers when they need help on a subject related to their niche.  

How Does Guest Blogging Help You Improve Your Online Visibility?

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A study reveals that about 60% of blogs publish nearly five guest posts every month. Here’s why it has become an increasingly popular digital marketing strategy worldwide. 

Boosts Search Engine Ranking

A majority of guest blogging sites allow you to add backlinks to your article. If you write comprehensive, high-value content and thoughtful article, people will start looking up to you and your blogs when they need authentic information about something. Every backlink you add in your blog post or a brief description of your business and services at the end of the post benefits your SEO. 

For instance, an SEO expert Jon Cooper received nearly 400 visitors on one of his guest blogs published on Moz. 

If your guest blogs receive higher viewership, the hosting platform may even promote your article on their website’s homepage, which would eventually help you generate more visitors and direct them to your website. 

Guest blogs can help you attract potential clients and customers, improve brand visibility, get noticed,  and increase revenue.

Social Media Shares

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If you write a concise and attention-grabbing guest blog, it may also help you stimulate social media shares and drastically improve your online reach in a short time. The more shares you get, the more people will know about your business, and the more likely they’ll be to re-share it or visit your online store. 

Try sending your guest articles to a platform that already has a massive social media following and activity. This way blog will start appearing in people’s feeds when your blog gets published. 

The best way to increase social media shares of your guest blogs is to add some infographics, engaging pictures, charts, and graphs. You can also create infographics and send them separately. Infographics typically acquire more engagement from the readers because people generally are more attracted to content that features striking colors, has good visuals, and high-impact graphic designing. Several studies indicate that it takes 70% less time to find accurate data from a document if the right combination of colors is used. 

People are more likely to read and repost your blogs and infographics that feature a proper use of colors because statistics about 55% of people prefer reading messages in color and not the ones without color. 

Qualified Leads

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If you chose the right websites, i.e., the websites that have a strong DA (domain authority) and belong to your niche, you’ll be able to direct valuable traffic to your site. 

Niche relevancy is the key to successful digital marketing. There’s no point in posting articles on a book-selling platform if you sell pies! You need to look for platforms, that offer similar services. Make sure that you’re choosing a website that has built strong credibility in your niche and gets considerable traffic on their website. This way, you’ll be able to get noticed by people who’re already in search of a business like yours and are already interested in your services or products. 

When adding a backlink always make sure that it directs the reader to a webpage that entails an actionable step, induces a sense of urgency, and is related to what you’re talking about in the guest blog.

Connect with Other Influencers

Your business can’t be successful without collaborations, partnerships, and valuable connections within your industry. Guest blogging allows you to connect with other businesses in your industry, join a community of other digital marketers, and brainstorm unique ideas with them in an email thread or a private social media group. Collaborating with other writers and co-writing a post won’t only help you get noticed by their readers, it will also help you learn different writing styles and work on improving them. Make sure you’re actively participating in the groups, leaving comments, sharing their posts, and inviting other influencers as well. Helping others grow will eventually speed up your online business growth. 

Getting Feedback

When you invest your time in guest blogging and creating informative, interesting, and well-researched blogs and articles for your clients or your own business, to increase your customer base and improve your brand name, you may also need to know if you’re headed in the right direction or not. The best thing about guest blogging and staying active in bloggers’ communities is that you’ll get insightful and genuine feedback on your work whenever you need it. Try learning effective tips on improving their website traffic, and sales by posting unique and informative blogs and discussing different writing strategies with other experts in the field. This will help you refine your writing style and come up with better strategies.

Guest article written by: The author of this post is a highly qualified, and experienced copywriter at an award-winning digital marketing agency, Search Berg. Search Berg provides guest blogging services, and several other digital marketing services.

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