The Best Ice Machine Manufacturers in 2022

As the demand for ice machines increases worldwide, the number of companies manufacturing ice machines has also surged. But every ice machine you come across in the market isn’t worth your investment. Amongst many companies getting into the commercial ice machine game, there are only a few that are fully reliable.

To run a successful business, you must have the best appliances and equipment to effectively perform everyday operations. Let’s look at some of the best ice machine manufacturers in the business in 2022.

Hoshizaki America

The leading manufacturer of food service equipment in the US, Hoshizaki America is known for bringing breakthrough innovation and advancement in ice maker technology. The company is widely popular in the hospitality industry and business for its supreme quality products and reliability. 

In addition to ice machines, the company also produces freezers, refrigerators, back bars, and several other appliances. Hoshizaki America was established in Los Angeles as a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Corporation in December 1981. Since its inception, the company has been producing highly efficient, user-friendly, and energy-efficient ice machines for their clients in the healthcare, food and beverage industry, and scientific research. From the sophisticated square cube ice to cubelet ice, and the free-form small ice they have ice makers for all types of ice shapes.

Some of the most unique ice shapes produced by the company’s special ice machines include star ice, crescent ice, crushed ice, ball ice, and heart ice. Their ice machines are specially engineered to reduce the de-icing process and prevent time and heat losses. Their products are known for their durability, relentless performance, and sustainability.

Manitowoc Ice

Ice machine requires regular maintenance 

Manitowoc Ice is a leading ice machine manufacturer that aims to bring ease to the otherwise complex maintenance and production operations conducted by restaurants and other hospitality businesses. 

With decades of experience in the industry, the company provides highly reliable, innovative, and energy-efficient ice solutions to the food service industry. From ice flakers to nuggets and cuber to gourmet ice machines the company manufacturers a plethora of ice makers which feature cutting-edge technology and sophistication. Restaurants and bars looking to produce premium ice for their customers can use their ice machines and improve their quality of ice. 

Since Manitowoc Ice offers a wide variety of ice machines for a plethora of uses, people looking to rent ice machines for restaurants should first identify the type of ice machine they need and then rent that particular machine from a reliable ice machine rental service provider in Los Angeles. 

To make the right choice you need to evaluate the ice shape you want and the amount of ice you’ll need regularly. Then you can narrow down your options. An experienced ice machine expert can also help you make the right decision.

What makes Manitowoc a preferred ice machine manufacturer is that they allow their clients to customize their unit’s design and features according to their needs.Manitowoc was the first company to automate cleaning for ice makers and currently offers the largest range of Energy-Star-approved products. Their ice machines are typically equipped with a digital touchscreen that keeps the users informed about significant issues in the unit, monitors the appliance’s performance, identifies the amount of ice supplied, and displays contact details for the nearest ice machine service provider in your area. 


Commercial ice machine

Pioneer of affordable commercial ice machines, Ice-O-Matic is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of ice machines globally. The company produces a wide collection of premium quality ice bins, water filters, and ice and water dispensers. 

Leading the commercial ice machine industry for over 50 years, the company has built a strong reputation in bringing innovation to ice machine designs and features. Their ice machines are adept at producing flawless ice in every shape. By acquiring ice machine maintenance services from a reliable ice machine solutions provider in your area, you can keep producing high-end ice with their products for a long time. 

What stands Ice-O-Matic apart from other ice machine manufacturers is that they stand behind their appliances with a remarkable 7-year water filter warranty program. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, their products offer a lucrative price point for businesses. The company’s Ice Series cube ice makers, built with antimicrobial components, and the GEM series ice makers that ensure reduced power and water usage are the most popular commercial ice machines in restaurants and hotels. The GEM series pearl ice machines consist of a stainless steel exterior and are equipped with cutting-edge in-line directdrive technology and a SystemSafe monitoring system to minimize costly unit breakdowns. 

Premium Quality Ice Machines in Los Angeles

Commercial ice maker 

LA Ice Machine provides the finest quality commercial ice dispensers for hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial facilities in Los Angeles. They offer cost-effective rental programs for water filters, dispensers, and ice machines and take full responsibility for their maintenance and repair.

The company has partnered up with some of the leading ice machine manufacturers and has been providing highly reliable ice machine services since 1977.  Their ice machines come with a warranty, and they offer 24/7 emergency repair services to their clients to make sure their ice machines remain operational for a long time. They take pride in their phenomenal repair services, reliable customer support, dedication to their clients needs and commitment to service. They inspect their clients’ systems in detail and ensure there are no leaks. 

The company is recognized as one of the leading providers of ice machine rental servicesin Los Angeles. To learn more about their services, products,and how they help their clients install and repair commercial ice machines, feel free to get in touch with them today. 

Guest article written by: The author of this post is an ice machine specialist who has been associated with LA Ice Machine for more than a decade. She regularly contributes to the website to help people learn how ice machine rental solutions can help their businesses.

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