Rare First Batch Apple 1 Computer up for Auction at $250,000

This rare first batch Apple-1 is still working, and it comes with Steve Jobs’ handwritten serial number plus Steve Wozniak’s signature on the operation manual pamphlet.

The Apple 1 (also spelled Apple I or Apple-1) was the very first Apple product created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when the Apple Computer Company was established. It marked the beginning of the personal computer industry.

These days, we don’t see that many Apple 1 boards left, but recently one has emerged and is now up for auction.

Goldin Auctions has posted an original Apple 1 computer up for bidding, which claims the computer was produced in Apple’s first batch.

The auction site described the item:

“In all, about 200 Apple-1s were made, and by the end of 1977, the Apple-II had taken over. After the pair officially discontinued the Apple-1, they offered discounts and trade-ins to encourage all Apple-1 owners to return their machines. These were destroyed, and fewer than half of the Apple-1s survived. Presented here is the holy grail of vintage computer collecting, a first batch Apple-1.

This first-batch computer is in working condition. This offering, standing at number seven on the Apple-1 Registry, is the only first batch example that has been up for auction in a number of years and is the first Apple-1 ever offered with an authenticated serial number (“01-0050”) handwritten by Steve Jobs. The computer has been verified in working condition by Daniel Kottke, who was one of the first employees to work at Apple when the Apple-1 was being produced.

In addition to the computer itself, this computer features a period-correct power supply made by Brittany McGannon, and this offering includes period components in the Sanyo VM-4509 monitor and a Datanetics keyboard. It also comes with a modern cassette interface, power supply, connecting cords, and a reproduction of the original operation manual signed by Steve Wozniak (who inscribed “Think Different!”) and Ronald Wayne, two Apple co-founders in addition to Jobs.

This is a truly rare offering, one that may not be seen again in the public marketplace for many years! The computer comes with an LOA from PSA/DNA (AL03580) for the handwritten serial number. Additionally, the manual comes with a COA from PSA/DNA (AJ61656) for the signatures.”

The Apple 1 auction ends on Saturday, May 21, 2022. For more information, head over to Goldin Auctions.

This is actually the second Apple 1 to be put up for auction over the past few months. Another model was sold for $500,000 back in November 2021, which had an even rarer wooden case made from Hawaiian koa wood.

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