How to Choose the Right Pizza Ordering System for your Pizza Business?

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and as a result, pizza businesses have become increasingly competitive. To stay ahead in the game, it is essential to have a reliable and efficient pizza ordering system. 

But how will you know which Pizza ordering system is right for your business? Read this blog to choose the right pizza ordering system for your pizza business. We will cover essential factors, such as user-friendliness, payment options, and integration with delivery and kitchen management systems. Whether you are starting a new pizza business or upgrading your existing one, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Why does your business need a Pizza ordering system? 

43% of pizza customers look for pizzerias that use an online ordering system. Also, the pizzerias receive online orders 18% more than on the phone. 

So, with the above statistics, it is clear that your customers want you to have an online pizza ordering system. Look at these reasons why your restaurant should consider having a Pizza POS.

Boost revenue.

You can earn higher revenue when you have a larger ticket size online. Pizza giants like Domino’s & Papa John’s make millions in revenue through online deliveries. 

Increases customer loyalty.

Online Pizza ordering systems provide the convenience of ordering, security of paying, and accuracy of orders. Thus, it helps deliver an enhanced customer experience. You can build customer loyalty when you have satisfied customers with every order. 

Brings operational efficiency.

The pizza ordering system streamlines order-taking and management operations, adding more efficiency to your pizza business. 

How to choose the right Pizza ordering system?

Choosing a Pizza ordering system for a pizza business may seem daunting as every pizzeria has unique needs. Further, the budget and the business size play a significant role in choosing the type of pizza POS. However, you can look for these must-have features while picking the one for your business.

The convenience of ordering online

The Pizza ordering system should allow users to explore the entire range of pizzas you offer. Also, the navigation from one screen to another, finding the details about different pizzas and prices, should be easy and clutter-free. 

Many customers are tired of their whole day’s busy schedule & thus, choose to order the pizzas online as it is a quick and convenient option. So, deliver what your customers want through your online pizza ordering system. The convenience should be both ways. As a restaurant owner, the pizza POS should make it easier for you to handle the pizza orders.

Real-time order tracking

The pizza ordering & delivery app should provide the feature for real-time tracking. Your customers eagerly wait for their hot delicious pizza, and the real-time tracking feature relieves their curiosity about where their order is at the current time. 

In addition, this feature enables pizza business owners to track their pizza deliveries and check the real-time status of their delivery personnel. 

Payment gateway integration

Along with the convenience of getting their meals at home, customers next look for the security of payments. In-app payment gateway integrations make it convenient and secure for users to pay for their pizza orders. Also, the restaurant owners can easily get payments and make payments to the delivery personnel via the on-demand pizza ordering system. 

The convenience of Delivering

After receiving the pizza orders, the next big concern is to deliver that order on time, especially for pizzerias. They have to deliver the pizzas within 25-30 minutes, so you need an effective delivery team. 

If you have your own delivery team, it is good. But if you rely on a third-party delivery agency for pizza deliveries, ensure the online Pizza ordering system provides seamless integration. 

Customized Menu

Customers like variety, and the same offerings will only work for some of your customers. Only some people like cheese pizza or; some even would order a pizza. If your on-demand pizza ordering system enables you to customise the menu anytime you want, it will be a great convenience and advantage for you as a pizza business owner. If you offer variety in your offerings, you can attract more customers and retain existing customers for a long time. 

Data Analytics & Reports

Running a successful pizza system demands you to keep track of the changing customer demands, revenue, and business losses. You are doing everything perfectly, from taking orders to delivering them on time. So, you also need to take care of your efforts to provide the results you deserve or as expected. 

It would help if you analysed the output of your efforts timely, and your online pizza ordering system can help you with that. The online pizza ordering system should provide insights into your customer preferences, number of sales, what type of pizzas sell more, etc. 

In addition, the pizza ordering system can help you gather your customer’s email and contact information that you can use for personalised marketing strategies. 

Such insights and data can help you design your menu better with offerings that are in demand. Also, you can keep track of the profits and losses of the pizza business. 

Inventory management

Your pizza toppings include a variety of ingredients besides the most-loved cheese toppings. And your pizza business needs to track the availability of all such ingredients in stock.  

It will give you a fit if you think of doing it manually, and it is better to ignore this option as it will consume hours of your busy day only to end with lots of errors and headaches for the staff. 

But you can automate inventory management for your online pizza business with Pizza POS. So, while choosing the on-demand pizza ordering system, ensure it offers an inventory management feature. 

Custom VS SaaS-based Pizza Ordering System: Which one is right for you?

Now you know how to choose the pizza ordering system for your business, but the one that will suit your budget still needs to be answered. 

Building a custom pizza ordering system requires a substantial upfront investment and around 4-5 months of wait before launch. A custom pizza delivery application is the right choice if you have a budget to invest a significant amount initially.

However, every business owner cannot afford to invest a significant amount upfront or look for a quick launch in the market. Many startups look for an affordable option to kickstart their pizza delivery business, understand the market scenario, and gain customer feedback for future expansion.

A saas-based pizza ordering system can provide the required solution in such cases. The readymade Pizza delivery software offers the essential features to start the pizza business and get online orders. 


You have made the right decision by integrating an on-demand pizza ordering system to your pizza business. While choosing online pizza ordering software for your business, consider the above features along with your business needs and budget. 

If you are moving ahead for the SaaS-based pizza ordering system, there are many options, including 

Clover, TouchBistro, Square, and many others. You can also try Foodiv, if you are a startup looking for an affordable yet feature-rich pizza ordering system.